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  • hey pags, how are you feeling? hope you are getting thru the heat of the summer okay being pg and all. be well and have a nice holiday weekend! xo
    crotch thistle pic to be emailed soon ok... remind me though if you still dont have it this time next week.
    Hi Pags,
    Glad to see the frinking has returned to normal! Long live the frink :0) How are ya? I saw Russell Brand in NYC on Sunday. He's such a hottie. Great show. - take care! Diane
    Awwww, I'm sorry. I found some relief with those push-up freezy popsicle things. The ones you buy in plastic strips and then freeze. Watermelon helped too, for some strange reason. Hope it passes soon!!! Oh PS - I love my avatar too. It's all about the jacket :)
    Well, as long as the the baby wasn't least you got to do it once more before the baby comes! He'll be such a proud big brother once the baby comes. Reminds me, my friend has a little 5 yr old brother and 2 yr old sister. When she was younger and use to cry for whatever reason, he'd go and check on her and eventually he'd start crying because she was the cutest thing ever....they get so attached to each other....!
    Hello lovely! I just read about the soon to be, new member of your family! Congratulations to you. ;) :sweet: Is your hubby & son excited? Duh, what kinda question is that?! :p
    WOW! Haha, no you don't! Actually, I think that sounds like fun, but then again I have a passion for running...I think that has a lot to do with it. :p
    heyyyyyyy pags..
    how was the iron..i crossed my fingers for you..;)
    but at first take your time to relax!!!
    hey Pags!!!
    ..i wish you gooooooooooooooooooooood luck for the iron...
    i haven't forgot it;)...
    how's the training...are you fit enough...
    are you ready??;)

    xoxo miry

    PS..have you got the the new songs and saw the new video, yet??
    I just wanted to say...

    If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you

    Oscar Wilde

    lovley greets from hot cologne (at least)!!
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