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  • getting ready to leave. I'm deleting my albums and preparing to bow out. I'm sorry to say. This banning of people is driving me insane. The last straw for me was Two Icy Cold Hands, who is a dear friend of mine, and was banned for no reason. I think they believe he's Paul from Viva Morrissey, and he's not. But I also believe anyone who confronts the mods will be banned. I won't talk about it here anymore for good reasons. You do have my email, don't you? Are we friends on Facebook?
    WOW, good for you! You'll (eventually ;p) inspire me to start running and maybe even training. I miss my running days...the handful of times I've body just doesn't seem to agree with it anymore (post-babies). The treadmill doesn't seem to bother me as much as pavement, but the view sure ain't as good :) Good luck to you in Sept. AND in the Ironman! You are amazing! Give your wee ones a smooch for me :)
    Hey girl!! Welcome back :) How are the kiddies? Are you back to running yet (other than after them/around the house! ;)) Hope you are well!! xo
    Just read the good news!! CONGRATS!!

    Great pix! I bet big brother is proud!

    I'm so happy for you!! Babies are a great way to start people. :sweet:

    Have fun... and get some rest when/where you can. :)

    WELCOME BACK!!!! I'm sure the 7" shot was an assault on your new Momma eyes! ha!
    Hi pags
    so how does pregancy"treats " you so far?when is the due date?

    greets from the frink thread
    Pags! Glad to hear you're feeling well and good luck with that race! You're totally insane, but definitely an inspiration to lazy people like me! ;)
    Pags! So excited for you, I just saw that you're having another boy!! Hope you're doing well and taking it easy! :)
    Hi, i just noticed your user thingy saying you're having a boy. Congatulations :) (have you thought of any names? not that its any of my business, i'm just really nosy ;) )
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