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Jan 15, 2011
Jul 17, 2007
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oye terence

ampersand after ampersand

oye terence was last seen:
Jan 15, 2011
    1. Zelda Zonk
      Zelda Zonk
      Were you on the internet til 6??
      You have an intersting life Terence, I'm curious to know more.
    2. Zelda Zonk
      Zelda Zonk
      I worked this morning and now have rest of day off. Wonderful, especially after such an early start. Did I mention I got up at 6? I didn't? Well, I did. And tomorrow too. Oof!
      Anyways, I'm chilling right now. Telly on. Comp on. Snacks open.
      What are you doing?
    3. Zelda Zonk
      Zelda Zonk
      6am? How come? I was getting up at that time. Well...I was hitting the snooze button and hunkering down under the duvet.
      Too many red-faced unhappy emoticons appearing on your posts, young man.
    4. Zelda Zonk
      Zelda Zonk
      phew! An improvement indeed. Is that a recent photo then? Because you could develop some pics yourself now using that dark room. Pointing out the obvious there - like you'd never thought of that. Dur!
      I'm merely trying to make pointless converation - like you didn't realise that....durrrrr!
    5. Zelda Zonk
      Zelda Zonk
      Can't you just change it temporarily 'til you've taken the photo of, and I quote, your 'good-looking self'? A nice picture of a heron perhaps. Today I over heard some extremely posh dude saying into his mobile phone "In London there's nothing to do in the afternoon. Right now I could be dealing with that heron. Is it still taking the fish? I'm going to come down to Devon with my shot-gun and get rid of it. Yeah. It definitely has the look of an ex-heron." He was serious too. I wanted to hit him very hard about the face.

      Nrith was banned, huh? Any ideas why? Inappropriate clown faces perhaps?
      I'm having an early night. 6am start tomorrow. Take it easy Jellybean.
    6. Zelda Zonk
      Zelda Zonk
      It's evil.....and you're evil.
      Please change it. I'll cry if you don't.

      Bans? What bans?
    7. Zelda Zonk
      Zelda Zonk
      Wikipedia has much to answer for. That was one of the most disturbing things I have ever read. I can hardly keep my potatoes & carrots down. Please change the pic Terence, it's horrible.
    8. Zelda Zonk
      Zelda Zonk
      Which serial killer painted that clown?
    9. oscillate wildly
    10. EPbabe
      Nothing honey, it's THOSE old lady sweaters that I don't like. I like pink on a man. :)
    11. oscillate wildly
      oscillate wildly
      i am liking pulpz
    12. cornelius blaze
      cornelius blaze
      only when i took LSD....when i came down & london was like any other busy city.

      don't you dare!!!!! we need to get bad food together and say fuck alot on our cell phones!
    13. Dow Jones
      Dow Jones
      Past week has been.... extremely surreal and tense due to an uncle staying here and planning on moving in. Luckily he's leaving soon so things will go back to normal, until the whole "moving in" thing which I'm sure will end in tears before it even begins. I seem to be the only one who can see the failtears on the horizon which is just completely insane due to past events.


      I google imaged "sleep aid" to find something to mock you with and came away successful! Clickzer.
    14. Dow Jones
      Dow Jones
      No, no, definitely not. I'm in a position of minor drastic upheaval so it is impossible!
      The real question is... are you... keeping... it.... rizeal?
    15. Dave
      today beats yesterday all to hell and I'm hoping tomorrow is even better, and for you too. :D
    16. Dave
      hey. if someone leaves you a whatchacall visitor message, do you respond to on your own page or theirs?
      best, Dave
    17. Dave
      with photos and possibly a youtube video. I'll get right to it.
    18. teeth
      I feel...
    19. cornelius blaze
      cornelius blaze
      I see you & flax changed back....must be very confusing for people to know what the hell we was posting about! especially for the person who was the butt of the joke.
    20. oscillate wildly
      oscillate wildly
      i'm thurrr, yo
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