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  • Hey -- just wanted to say thanks for the link to the Cure show from Austin Music Hall from last June. Had given up finding a copy of it!
    I'm doing the St. Louis, Dallas, Houston & Austin shows. that is wild that our seats are next to each other. Yeah I may consider the trade. I wont know though til I get to the venue cause I do prefer right of stage.
    haha you'll never guess....seat 103! right next to each other!...however...my friend, who ill be doing the trip with, has row A but her seat is all the way on the other side (seat 130 or something) and she wanted me to ask you if you wanted to meet up with us and switch tickets with her so she would be next to me. so we'll see. its crazy that you and i ended up right next to each other! which shows are you going to again?
    Man I wish I could. It's just bad timing for me right now with Dean's health issues and all. The only reason I'm going to St. Louis is cause I can get a round trip ticket on SWA for $160. Tickets to the east coast are $300+. Can you come to TX =)
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