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  • well enjoy the rest of your day, im verging on narcoleptic today, fell asleep minutes after replying to your visitor message!
    im actually very well,i had my breakdown haha then i went shopping and got some shit resolved and i think my meds kicked in so im all kinds of good

    oh wow,thats a shocker,i saw peaches a few years back before she got popular and me and a friedn got to help her shave her leg,just one others got to shave the other.

    i was scared yet drunk so we obliged

    hmm,i am not sure about that!!

    does ani defranco or whatever she calls herselfshave?
    no? ididnt think so.


    i went there.
    it is quite possible he likes manlove,have you heard of this julia chick that stalks him?

    she is also pretty neato
    haha! fair enough. my self esteemz iz low. 4th of july long weekend to spend wif mah parentz!
    hi..yes..i play a fender precision bass at the moment..but i want to buy an ibanez soon..
    i first started to play the guitar but then changed after a year..my father is a professional bassist..so this was also a reason;)...he was in a band years ago..today..he sometimes work as studio bassist..and has a ,,normal 8 hours job''..do you also play an instrument?
    xoxo miry
    haha oh noes! i will send rachel ray after you with her terrorist scarf!
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