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  • He's old-old, and not, ahem, 'conventionally attractive'. :o Okay, he's stick thin with long straggly white hair, but it all adds to his creative charm, I swear! It's embarrassing. I'm sorry your teacher has a girlfriend, old people are crap. :(
    No. No it's not.
    Truth be told, I despise my first name even more than my last name. But even at my age I'm going to have a HELL of a time getting people who know me to start calling me by something else, so this is just the start.
    It's on the frink thread. :) Go see. It's kind of a mess of words, but I plan to have it prettied up soon with some gladioli or something.
    I am lucky to be meeting 5am tonight! I'm going to show her a right english good time, binge drinking, a miserable indie night, and perhaps a fight on the way home. :)
    It was fun. I went to the mall and ate at Red Lobster and I had some cheesecake too. No Cristal or chicken fingers.
    Loved Charo on the Surreal Life. She sounds like my mom!!! We should be on some kind of reality show. Big Brother 12?
    She isn't too bad. She'll never be Charo!

    I'm cool. How's you? Morrissey's illness is that he needs supplements.
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