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  • "OSCILLATE WILDLY" - New York City - Gallery Bar - March 3: March 3, 2011
    I am sorry but you are to young for drinking in bars.
    haha! it's cuz for the most part I only find it interesting to post on here after I've downed a bottle of wine, and then I get annoyed easily, and have no filter.:p
    haha! Your favorite is the best! Some of them are truly a punch worthy :D
    "the last night in bel air
    by the big will generator...
    and though i watch home alone
    and i watch home alone
    but my faith in buzz is still devout."
    I wasn't here :(
    My guests are spending the night in another city. Got my bed back for the night but the room is full with things that aren't mine. It's kinda cool.
    What class was it? Did you grow the tea leaves yourself?
    I'm using weird equipment to do weird things. I just started working in a new lab on top of my old job. New place, new people- very stressful. I said to my new boss on my first day "homo blood is my blood" but is was suitable for the situation. Over the top but suitable :o
    Exploding plastic yard decorations! Sounds cool :thumb:

    p.s. I suggest lots of food as an actual birthday plan. And nice people to eat it with.
    Thanks sweetie! :love:
    Some people celebrate it here but of course I'm too cool for that. Plus I can never get a date :p
    I have that awful Mary J Blige song "memories" stuck in my head for two days now. It happens every single year.
    Do you have any birthday plans yet?
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