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    ISO - 1 Atlanta Ticket

    title says it all - anybody have a spare ticket for the Atlanta show at the Variety Playhouse?
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    Hilary Duff likes Morrissey

    Oh my God! Somebody likes Morrissey that I don't think is cool!?!?! Let me try to destroy her in as many obsessed Morrissey ways as I can! You people are fucking retards. If any other 20 year old found Moz from an ex-boyfriend, and loved him, you'd be fine. But God forbid, she used to play...
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    Morrissey Announces Six Night London Residency!

    why don't you shut the fuck up about shit you know nothing about, you stupid cunt. i hope you get a debilitating disease. in fact, i wish you were already dead...
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    Morrissey Announces Six Night London Residency!

    don't be stupid. i beg you. like you told me 'that's pathetic'. don't be stupid. don't do that to that to your grandparents.
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    Morrissey Announces Six Night London Residency!

    i was wrong. i lied. i made up shit. every thing i wrote was a lie. nugz is a lovely girl. a very smart, funny, upstanding american citizen. she's like beatrice arthur, just slightly not as as sexy. (that's not her fault. bea arthur is fucking hot.) she rocks. even though she quotes dave...
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    NY ticket sales thát bad??

    I hate to say it, but the Yanks or the Mets aren't gonna be in the World Series this year. The Mets might not even be in the playoffs. The Angels will beat the Yanks in the first round this year. Like always...
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    Any new merch?

    i'm pretty sure it said 'je suis morrissey'. i don't remember exactly, but as somebody that took five years of french, i think i would remember if it was spelled incorrectly...
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    'Death of D. Dancer' let's get some video up folks!

    um. maybe the reason the video isn't up yet is because it's a mediocre song, at best, done in a mediocre manner, and judging from last night in vegas, it's done when is morrissey standing in darkness (really? why no spotlight? is moz singing it in the dark supposed to add to this song?)...
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    That's How People Grow Up

    Because most Morrissey fans will like most of the shit he puts out??? Seriously, this is the guy that wrote "Still Ill", and because he once wrote a great song, people think that the shit he still writes now is still brilliant. For the most part, it's not...
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    I'm Sorry

    I'm so sorry for being me. I'm sorry for being like this. ...
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    Why does it seem like everyone hates ROTT ?

    shite? aren't you american? seriously. there is nothing more pathetic than an american pretending he/she is british and using british slang. i don't know if you know this, but just because you're a morrissey fan, that doesn't make you british. fucking idiot.
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    What is everyone's current ringtone?

    Lonely Boy by Andrew Gold He was really one of the unsung musical geniuses from the 70's who never really got his due...
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    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 137: PAPA JACK

    what a brilliant song! i'd give it a 12 if i could! it says so much, to me, about my life...
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    What's the most shocking thing you've ever seen in a movie?

    that's not what you said that one night...
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