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    My 2 Cents re Mo-Solo's Negative Vibe

    Well, this could be a waaaaaay better site if there were some changes. First: Drop the "anonymous" posting feature. We all know how many "internet heroes" are out there and some of them are "trolling" the site. By deactivating that feature there would be less trolling and therefore one piece of...
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    WANTED: signed years of refusal record.

    Please send me a pm. and please let it be real... I was offered a fake recently ... (didnt come with a sticker, the R's were terrible...) THANK YOU :-)
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    How many of you are vegetarians?

    I've been veggie for 15 years now... and still counting :thumb:
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    New Song | Art-Hounds

    I've studied art and all i can say is that the lyric kicks ass. I got my Master's degree in arts and graphic design, and it's just true that artists are just judged by people don't have ANY talent. Or by people that tried so hard to get there and failed due to lack of talent. It's not a fair...
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    New Song | Art-Hounds

    man .... how good is this song ? AMAZING
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    Jesse Tobias has been with the band for SEVEN years...

    I like Jesse. Come one he toured with Morissette and played with the peppers... how bad can he be? Not bad at all! O can say that I REALLY like most of the songs he wrote. I bet a million dollars if MOZ didn't put that "rock version" of this charming man, ther wouldn't be as much Tobias...
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    The history of the relationship between Morrissey and 'Morrissey-Solo'

    This board needs GOOD MODS and respect. That's all there's to it. That rag comment was just beyond LOOOOOOOW. If someone would say that to some girls i know,... damn. And similar comments are everywhere. Come on... And people wonder why this site is so negative? REALLY?! I must say don't...
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    New bands & Moz/Smiths Comparisons

    the music is almost exact to the smiths... Good band though.
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    morrissey is a brilliant musician

    Damn right. I don't really get HOW he can come up with such great melodies... I also heard that he doesn't need much time to "track" in the studio. Which means he sings REALLY well...
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    Awesome recent Belgian bands....

    AMATORSKI: beautiful fragile voice. Great lyrics... (gives goosebumps Customs: Greatly influenced but interpol, the smiths and joy division...
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    Stop giving out about the band murdering This Charming Man

    I mostly like Ben gibbard. He did some great stuff in deathcab and the postal service. But what is this????? and the lyrics are off as well...
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    Post your Morrissey artwork here

    haha well it's kinda 'horror-rockabilly-like"... so some people might be scared. But thank you anyway :blushing:
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    Post your Morrissey artwork here

    I just finished this... I made it because of one sentence in nowhere fast "I think about life and I think abouth death....". And I fugured, Morrissey wants to be a zombie. So... there you go. No plans on making shirts ... but I thought it would look good on one... take care and have an...
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    this site is so hypocrtical

    Re: The negativity on this site is terrible I'm just glad that Morrissey is still out there SINGING. He could also have quit... and even than people would be nagging. Some people are NEVER happy. Appreciate the myth/man while he lasts.
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    So...does ANYONE like the new songs?

    Re: I think we can all agree that Morrissey's 3 new songs are pretty bad Two songs were decent and one was pretty bad if you ask me. What the man needs is another guitarist. Tobias, sorry mate, I've cut you some slack in the past but I want whyte back. and Boz, get a grip as well...
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