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  • Hello m8 due to djing commitments i can only do Great yarmouth,but cambridge has loads of good pubs. if u like a gay bar dot cottons is ok ive djed there before :)
    hello, your not far from me, kettering. you going Cambridge gig? any good pubs there for afterwards?
    lol i was born and my roots are westham:)(newham east london) i was born round the corner from upton park,but been hear since 84.iam in werrington and i suppose its one of the nicer places in boro. take it easy m8 :)
    sorry for asking you out of the blue but
    could you do me a favour and tell me which interviews are included in the "morrissey in conversation" book..only if you have a time of course..the list of all interviewers
    and maybe the year and mag for which they got it also?
    if its too time consuming and you dont have a scanner then dont.but i thought i askedaince asking is free .eh?
    ..thnks anyway....
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