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    New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall (Oct. 10, 2012) post-show

    why is he STILL playing Paris and Let me Kiss You? WHY? why why why
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    Morrissey on "The Colbert Report" (Oct. 9, 2012) - reminder / reports

    reading through this thread, I am so mind numbingly-baffled that people STILL aren't understanding that Colbert is satire. He's SUPPOSED to come across as loud mouthed and rude. Basically EVERYTHING he says is a JOKE! I'm like 99% sure Moz's ban on meat was a joke too. I mean, cmon seriously...
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    Formal Motion to Demote Kewpie as Moderator/Cite with non-Pigsty Harassment

    people are still making "I hate kewpie" threads? hahaha. I guess some things never change. Skylarker, is your thingy above your picture a George Harrison reference?
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    2012! Who are you voting for?

    Re: 2012!!! Who are you voting for? :lbf:
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    First Smiths Social in Philly on September 14th!

    are they all gonna be in Manayunk? gross.
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    Who will NOT go to see Morrissey this tour...

    nice!! although, I can't hear "Time to Say Goodbye" w/out thinking of Will Ferrell singing it in Stepbrothers. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.
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    US, Mexico tour dates on

    hi celibate, I'm not going to any of these shows. I'm an East Coaster. I don't have the money or time off work to go. I say this every tour, but I'll say it again. I seriously do not know how so many people find the money and time off work, to just gallivant around the whole goddamn country...
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    US Moz Tours Tix will go on sale 9/9/11... Moz to appear on two US tv shows.

    schlamiel. schlimaazel. hassenpfeffer incorporated!
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    Suggestions for Halloween playlist

    you're ridiculous. also, I fixed that last part. Ozzy is so not scary. Crazy Train? sounds more like "Crazy fun times Train." so poppy. p.s. throw some Sisters of Mercy on there. p.p.s. I can't f***ing wait for Halloween
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I wasnt making fun. I was serious
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    OMG I LOVE THE MONKEES!! ok gonna listen to them right now.
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    Buzzetta I wanna explain something weird to you

    The stadium is pretty accessible from anywhere cuz of the broad st line. Id just stay in center city somewhere
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    Buzzetta I wanna explain something weird to you

    phillies fans don't pour beer on people's heads, they vomit on them, haha.
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