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  • I've been meaning to tell you how I'm glad you haven't changed your avatar. :) Did you catch his Hall & Oates skit last night? :D

    Anyway, this is what I came here for.

    Irish R & B singer. :laughing:

    I certainly do hold Anchorman in very high regard, but Superbad...unquestionably Apatow's best.

    You've got good taste in movies, which of course by implication of it all means that I do too. :p
    MacGruber Movie... I think this has epic fail written all over it. Can they make it work?
    LOL! That's quite the talent. Yes, I am jealous if you must know. But you are forewarned that my Top Gun skills are incomparable. :cool:

    "You're gonna die, clown!"

    "The price is wrong, bitch!"

    Yes, I'm a Happy Gilmore kinda guy myself. :p
    Indeed, I think we do. But I lack a certain skill that I think you and a few of my friends possess, which is being able to quote from movies at will. For instance, I have one friend who can quote almost every line from Die Hard. It's pretty hysterical because it invariably comes out of nowhere, and it's especially funny when we're three sheets to the wind. You strike me as someone with the same skill set, true?
    Hmm...looks like I'll have to wait a year and several days before I can bust the ol' moves on Miley Cyrus. At which point, she'll be putty in my hands because my 'kung fu' is immense like that. LOL...erm...never mind.
    Exactly what the hell is wrong with wine coolers? Pre-party w/ wine coolers + Jonas Brothers concert = a special kind of magic that you will never know. Bow down, mortal. don't work for Perverted Justice, do you? Because I don't think my delicate sensibilities could withstand a surprise visit from ol' Chris Hansen. Otherwise, drunken Scrabble it is. :thumb:
    That's so sweet of you to say. You've made my day. There's only two hours left in my day mind you, but you get the point. But that all said, I just want to reassure you that your new bedroom looks awesome from the tree outside.
    Oh, sorry, never mind what I said a day ago here. :o
    See, I was under the impression that a certain "creepiness barrier" was gone fom between us after I, purely by chance, stumbled upon the fact that you had actually talked about me to other people. :eek:
    I, of course, was more flattered than offended. :blushing:
    Then I thought only to return the favor by relating some recent way I had thought of you without you having been involved in the actual exchange. :p
    That was a mistake, I see now :cool: and not only a bit presumptuous of me :confused: but also a stupid thing to believe given the likely fact that whatever preconceived notions you have about me are unlikely to change much from the basic form of shape they had 3 years ago. :(
    I would go into why this is not case but these posts have a "character limit" of only 1000. :mad:
    not to mention you likely don't care...
    "ive just assumed you were aware of all the inflammatory posts you make and that the often hostile nature of your posts was a conscious troll-like contrivance on your part
    if not, and you really are that non self aware, well then you really got much bigger problems than some day discovering the true nature my mockish condescension
    or such high-folluting concepts like irony"

    best post ever, hahaha i swear he totally has a thesaurus sitting beside him at all times, haha.
    I adore 'Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction'. it's amazing.
    I especially like the track with Imogen Heap, my secret friend. I think.
    & 'You can be happy.
    Hope you're well./
    Hello! sorry I haven't got back to you quicker. Not been near the computer, strange... I know. & I am just about to download IAMX album, i'll give you a follow up comment.
    I added you up on facebook & noticed you live in Philadelphia, I have a friend who lives near there in somewhere called Wayne?
    nugz, I'm off to Indy to visit my Mom (who has had my girls all week--it's been so quiet and CLEAN at home ;)) but I will write you back soon :) Hope you have a nice weekend & a Hoppy Bunny day. :) Coz
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