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Aug 3, 2016
Apr 3, 2007
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nugz was last seen:
Aug 3, 2016
    1. bysshe
    2. oscillate wildly
      oscillate wildly
      happy (early) Christmas, nugzie! :sweet: :cool:

      (insert photo of Mystery in a santa hat here)
    3. teeth
      Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. *EqualOpportunityHater*
    5. Sister Rose
      Sister Rose
      Merry Christmas! :)
    6. Oh my god. it's Robby!
    7. Ellen
      nugz get yourself on the pigsty!!
    8. EPbabe
    9. joey
      Psh, I was using Myspace before Tom was even using it. I was also using Facebook when you had to be a college student for it! I think that's the only reason I went to college. So not worth it.

      Yeah, my Facebook picture is totally the default pic of Tom. That's how I roll.

      Joey OUT!
    10. joey
      Funny haha, or funny like a coincidence? I do not understand the question! It wasn't even a question!

      Yeah, I should probably just go to sleep instead of ranting away on the Internet and adding people to Facebook. Sleepy Joey is almost the same as drunk Joey.
    11. joey
      I missed my NBC Thursday night viewing due to seeing Ra Ra Riot. Thank god for the Internet.

      Morrissey just announced a new show... in my pants. I got you a ticket ;)
    12. joey
      I want to go to there.
    13. joey
      If one is ever announced! I'll be happy to come up there and "hang out" until our faces fall off... of our faces.
    14. oye terence
      oye terence
      i would never do such a thing that you are saying i did!
      i am deeply hurt and offended
      i dont even know what a mirror is!:cool::p
    15. oscillate wildly
      oscillate wildly

      someone has a very special message for you but is shy to contact!
    16. sacred mind
      sacred mind
      alright, maybe it was harsh, i edited it.
      but, seriously, it was hard to swallow as anything even approaching "journalistic"
      maybe she's only young and will just have to learn.
      nobody ever softened the edges for us when i was at uni....
      used to be ya had to have a hard shell to make it, but i won't play catalyst today
      thanks for appealing to my human sensibilities, sometimes i lose touch with them
    17. oscillate wildly
      oscillate wildly
      finale is next!!!! :cool:

      mystery looks hideous in the previews, as usual so i am pretty excited. :p
    18. oscillate wildly
      oscillate wildly
      yes!! :D I haven't seen it yet, hopefully it is on tonight. :cool:

      all of the lines are harblz, I would lulz if a girl recognized one from last season. :p

      too bad we aren't men, we haz mad game and would totally score tons of IOs for the laydeez
    19. teeth
      But My Heart Is Open...I Was A Good Kid I Wouldn't Do You No Harm......Nice Paper Route....Filled For You :)
    20. oscillate wildly
      oscillate wildly
      I think it's about time we bet our dollar billz on who wins the final medallion. ;) :p

      i wanted Brian to stay. that girl's tan was totally orange
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