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    It's so sad and boring here without you :(

    Really, I think if it wasn't for me, there would probably only be a total of 20 posts a day on here...
    Nice to see you back amongst the land of the living... :p
    Hey Nugz,
    My original band, The Treading Lemmings, is/are playing Philadelphia Friday night. We are at The Dawson Street Pub in Manayunk. Come out if you can.
    Hahha no that wasn't sarcasm. I remember telling you how he really wasn't going to make a great impact like he claimed he was going to. Actually, I think he's doing just fine. Sure there's more he could do but almost halfway through his presidency, I'd say he's off to a good start.
    Heeey. I don't even know if you come on here anymore but I've something to confess. I was wrong. Obama is a very good president.
    I'm starting to get the impression that I should try a more understated approach. Fair enough: Hey, can you tell me if this rag smells like chloroform to you?
    i noticed a theme in your recent posts i saw. it's something like
    "you're so f***ing pretentious."
    "are you f***ing serious?"
    "shut the f*** up, you're a goddamn idiot"

    it's good to see you're still bringing the lulz. :cool:
    Thanks for your post in my thread by the way!
    It's gonna happen somedaaaay~ :p
    Aren't "furries" and "yiffiing" the greatest words in the English language evar? I'm guaranteed to giggle like a school girl every time I hear those words or your money back.

    Otherwise, how've you been? I hope you and yours (except your bf, of course) are doing very well. :lbf:
    ....someday, don't lose faith :)

    One Halloween, I was Ariane and my dh was Craig. Go Spartans! :D Hilarity ensued!
    Both. No adult parties, but a couple of festivals w/the kids.
    I know of a party I can go to if it works out...and I think of something creative.
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