Oct 12, 2014
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Slum mum and Scuba instructor

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    Slum mum and Scuba instructor
    I discovered The Smiths when I heard Strangeways and Rank on the radio. In my country (GDR, anyone remembers?) it was not possible to purchase the albums, but I got copies from friends and from radio. Unfortunately I couldn´t understand English in that time. So I missed the whole meaning of the songs but I liked the music and the singing. About 6 years ago I found my old tapes again and started to listen in my "new" old car. Suddenly understanding the words now (well, most of them...) it was like "whow!". The songs which brought me back to The Smiths and Morrissey were Vulgar picture and of course There is a light. Since then I´ve purchased all I could get from Smiths and Morrissey and can´t stop listening anymore. And why should I.
    Something I really apreciate is the deep honesty in the songs and of course the humour. Unfortunately none of my friends gets him, they only find him anoying.
    Also when I started guitar playing about 8 years ago I didn´t imagine I would end up almost only playing Smiths and Morrissey songs. Not very good though.
    Through Morrissey I learned better to accept myself and that I don´t have to "fit in", also I became vegetarian and then vegan. I feel more at peace with myself. But not so with others.
    It makes me kind of sad that I will never fully understand all the words and (hidden) meanings of the songs, but I keep trying.
    Thanks for starting that thread.


    Thursday is pathetic.