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  • I think I may have to put you on ignore until you change your signature picture. :eek:
    Planning anything interesting after you have finished your 11 or 12 posts? I was hoping to be around when this happened.
    Good for Pregs. Mine are at the neighbors for now so I can get some things done around here. I'm restocking my kitchen. :eek::D Yes, I has a kitchen. I won't get done today, but anything is a start. There was a problem with the panel for our cabinets so we had to reorder 2-3 weeks when we get it, only then can we install the countertop & sink *sigh* but hey, I have a dishwasher again today!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!

    You'll have to send me pics of the kids in their costumes. :) Be well, buddy!
    Hey you, hope you are well. :) I was about to ask YOU where Pregs has been! :confused:

    So, what are your rugrats going to be for Halloween? Mine will be Hannah Montana and Supergirl :D Yes, Hannah scares me!! :eek::p
    I believe it has something to do with classical tarot cards, although it does seem to employ some medieval imagery - possibly the black plague.
    I've just seen your posts - where have you been lately? Are you okay? Back from anniversary holidays? :)
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