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    Remainder of US tour cancelled due to Morrissey's respiratory infection

    Re: Tour cancelled so does that mean the rescheduled dates are no longer happening??
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    2009 Tour Official Merchandise

    Re: 2009 US Tour Official Merchandise wow, thank you so much!!! do you have the link to the uk site?
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    2009 Tour Official Merchandise

    Re: 2009 US Tour Official Merchandise What I wanna know is...whatever happened to that particular shirt?!? I was really excited about it but didn't have the money at the time to purchase it. I checked back on the site about a week or two later and it had mysteriously disappeared! I even...
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    Just a few photos from DC show

    I was there too! I saw you. You were about two rows in front of me. I too had snuck in my camera, but I was snapping away and no one ever stopped me!
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    Roll Call: DC

    I'll be there with my friend!
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    Moz aand alan whytes songs on yor are the best

    I agree! I was noticing that too as I was looking at the track listings...Alain's songs are my favorite ones on the album as well. My absolute favorite is "It's Not Your Birthday Anymore." Oh, and I liked "At Last I am Born" too. What's up with people hating on that song??
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    Moz tattoo

    Re: Moz tatoo AGH! That's totally the quote I want to use for one of my future Moz tattoos! I was going to get the words going across my lower back though, and incorporate a butterfly into it. Too neat that you beat me to it!
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    What's the big deal with "Not Your Birthday"?

    Oh my gosh!! Are you kidding?? It's my favorite song on the album! It was the one track that immediately stood out to me above all the others. The music is just so lovely and beautiful. I don't know much about instruments specifically to be able to talk technically about which sounds I...
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    Why Haven't You Downloaded YOR?

    My reason is quite simple: I don't download ANYTHING. I don't even have a downloading/file sharing program on my computer. I used to years ago (on my old computer), however, I feel that over time, it becomes a safety issue more than anything (what with viruses and all). So when I got my new...
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    Washington D.C.

    Re: Washington, D.C.! holy shit!! you sure lucked out!
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    Washington D.C.

    Re: Washington, D.C.! I am so freaking jealous!!! lol
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    Washington D.C.

    Re: Washington, D.C.! Oh okay...I'm still down with that!
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    Washington D.C.

    Re: Washington, D.C.! I had some major problems with that livenation website. For the first 20 minutes, it was saying the better $57.50 seats were completely unavailable, but I kept hitting refresh and was finally able to get some--I got row C (3rd row) in the center section!! I couldn't be...
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    Washington D.C.

    Re: Washington, D.C.! Yup, I posted about this in the "US Dates Not on Sale Yet" thread. I thought I was the only one who cared til now!
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    U.S. Dates not on sale yet

    D.C. at last!!!! Tickets for the March 14th date at Warner Theater in DC will go on sale this Friday, January 16th at 10am! Details on Warner Theater's website: I am so excited!! I've been checking every day, lol. Sometimes I feel like the...
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