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    David thrown out of Copenhagen show! Question?

    Thing is, add a forum to true to you and he'd end up with the same comments. New songs are tossed out and the band is heavy handed at best, Jesse should go. It's not the messenger, its the message.
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    Since Johnny Marr has been in the news lately

    Dusk - The The (was lauded, doesn't sound much like the Smiths)
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    Johnny Marr is Dead by Brian Jonestown

    Having come from Manchester and having been resident in Portland, Orgeon, I finally got round to watching DIG! last night, which led to a search in iTunes for Brian Jonestown ... on their 2009 album "your side of our story", there is a song johnny marr is dead (which I am relieved to reveal, in...
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    Lloyd Cole mentions Morrissey in his blog

    Re: Lloyd Cole I wrote it as I'm a massive LC fan, too. Unbelieveably, main page of M-S comes up just now - my moment of glory - and ... well, credits someone else. I'll be considering a subscription to TTY from now on ...
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    Lloyd Cole mentions Morrissey in his blog

    From his blog ... The moment of the day came in the early afternoon when Lloyd Cole finished his soundcheck and was walking through the Cathedral Quarter. Who should he bump into on the street but Morrissey, in town for a couple of concerts and staying in The...
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    I Am Kloot (or Johnny Dangerously) Why are they still so unknown on this board? Quality album follows quality album, fully paid up members of the Northern Grit school of lyrics, a great (and diverse) musical backing.
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    I Am Kloot

    Re: I Am Kloot. I periodically post about looking up IAK, as I think there is a natural match between their music/lyrics and Moz. Lines like "You're like the clouds from my home town, just grew fat and hung around..." are genius. Agree that any one of the albums are great but would recommend...
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    Request / Manchester North of England

    No Moz content but my LP of MNOE has melted (car window, hot day, long story) and I guess that others on MS would love to hear the songs. One from Johnny Dangerously (now I Am Kloot, if you don't know them I think Moz fans will love them), Man From Delmonte, Railway Children etc etc etc. Could...
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