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  • Yes, if it weren't enough that the working-class, being the wealth creators, are robbed of the fruits of their labour by the idle classes...then they expect us to learn algebra? I'll take my working-class mind down the mines thank you very much :rolleyes:
    Yeah, they tell you you need to know algebra but all you need to work out is how to count change, and how much you are BEING ROBBED BY THE BOURGEOSIE! :p
    I had to do my essay on Hamlet.
    You didn't? You'll be turfed out of our Anarchists youth league! Maths exams are hell, I didn't do very well in mine, that's why I didn't take it this year, but this think I may have buggered up my English exam :( The Essay questions were really tough
    You could beat him up or something, unless you're a pacifist, then just say something witty.
    I'm ok, apart from I have this English exam tomorrow, and I feel like I'm dying I'm that stressed. And I know that it doesn't matter, and that by gaining good marks would be conforming to the bourgeois system ;)
    What the hell is going on with your evil twin!? I got called something very inoffensive, they're not a very good troll.
    How are you doing anyway?
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