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    Any Doors fan around? Would like a book recommendation

    hi folks, Just that really, would like to read a history of The Doors, had a look on Amazon and there's a few books. I basically want something that covers from the beginning, a few of them seem to be heavy on details about Jim but I would like something that encompasses beginning to end...
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    Which album "converted" you to Morrissey?

    Strangeways was the first time I ever heard Morrisseys voice, I was 13 and had just started secondary school. A friend of mines sister had friends around to stay and one of them left the cassette behind, she knew I liked music and gave it to me, this was about the year after the smiths had...
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    London - O2 Arena (Nov. 29, 2014) post-show

    Was the setlist as has been for the last few gigs?? Anyone know??
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    London - O2 Arena (Nov. 29, 2014) post-show

    Oh wow, very beautiful pictures there, I hope Dublin can deliver the same crowd :thumb:
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    Dublin, Ireland (Dec. 1, venue to be announced Sep. 5) -

    Thanks for posting that interview piece, the excitement is building for next week, I can't wait to see Moz in Dublin again. Wonder where he will be staying, would love to get a autograph or pic, seeing as it is very likely the last time he could perform in Ireland. Although I would love him to...
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