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  • The Killers:D.
    That's not fair for them to do that:(. I remember once i got a letter saying i had an interview and they never called me to arrange it:(.
    I wish all the luck with the job you have the trial for :).
    Oh indeed that sounds comes in handy all the time.
    I've got a hangover:(.
    Mossimo is number one on my list, it's the hubby that likes Rocco more for some reason. Mossimo totally reminds me of Moz too, hehehe!
    No names yet, I have a pretty obvious Italian last name so we are going to try to stick to Italian boy names. So far Rocco and Mossimo are in the lead, if you think of any float them my way ok?
    aww sorry hon, you could never sound ungrateful, im sorry if i sounded cross, because i wasnt/arent.
    Cheers. Not much news. Just noticed your message. Not sure if it's old or new.
    Hope you are well and happy,
    best wishes,
    awwwwwwww mozzia happy birthday..i wish you a great day..drink and be ill tonight..i mean hey it's saturday night..go out and have fun..i really like you as a person and your funny comments..keep them going on..stay frinky and cioui:)

    I just happened to see that it's your birthday today! Best wishes for you! Hope you're having a great day :)
    I start to miss you when you're off-line. I like your witty comments, girl! Much obliged to be your friend.
    oh thanks..and it's a real pleasure to have you as a friend..!!
    i love your're very funny..i like the way you write..although you're soo young..
    i'm really surprised..and this is why i like you..i like you..i like you!!!!
    xoxo miry
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