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  • not to well..lots of things happened..rather write a pm about it..the time concentrating on moz like readinf studff onm message board makes me forgot about things in life for a are you? what have you been up to lately?
    happy birthday miss!

    MOZ is ecstatic after he receives your party invitation

    the flowers he bought you as a present..well he decided it looks better stuffed in his backpocket
    he also had practised a dance sequence with johnny for you

    because he did the dance for an hour
    you told him to leave so he did this to allow an extended stay
    yes i just didgo onlne atmy neighbour`s cause the translation is soo faulty i must overwork them and then them post the tranlation together with your scans and not divided,,,
    thnks , hon..Oh just minutes before the computer shuts down..(im going online at a university computer
    even though Im not a student, but this was a cheap way to go online.I only pay 5 euro for a year,, but can not hear music/view videos with tone and not download /uploadanything...thts the crux....
    so it will see the light of day tomorrow;-)
    you are a star!
    oi! you are a very naughty girl, just cause you have a job now... no need to go splashing the cash, appreciated though, i put it towards a HUGE bunch of gladis....
    Indeed, in 5th year i had to wear atie but i put Morrissey badges all over it:cool:.
    Glad it went well:). Oh dear you should have been betetr prepared- like i can talk:p.
    Oh it's ok i sometimes write on my own page as well:p. WE all do it.
    I would have minded that :eek:, Our school never went for any of the cheesy Scottish- thank God. We had a awful jumper- i never wore it i wore cardigans and Morrissey t-shirt :cool:. Yeah i am looking forward to getting started properally and not ahnging around creepy store rooms. :) Hope your good.
    It was today:). I doen ok, still don't know my hours though. I am off till Friday which is pretty good:). I've not got a smelly shirt.
    I would love not to wear a uniform at work, i get to at college so i should be thankful- the days of vile school uniforms are behind me thank God!
    Oh i get exctired over text colours as well but i am tired alot and rather strange:p.
    It was my first hangover so it was a rites of passage thing:rolleyes:. i usually don't get them. Oh you can't refuse wone whatever time of year- or is that just me:p.
    I start tomorrow. I will find out my hours and what shop i am working in and possibley someone's old smelly blue shirt:p.
    Godd luck with the trial /job- yeah job sounds better, less like you are doing something wrong:p.
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