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  • I know I don't know you and this may seem out of the blue, but I just couldn't help saying something; I saw your sig (I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday in Arabic) and was uncontrollably thrilled and delighted! Are you of Arab background? In all my life I have never met another Arab apart from myself who is a Morrissey/Smiths fan! Also, the verse manages to sound equally forlorn and beautiful in Arabic as it does in English, I'm sure you'd agree. Rant/spontaneous outburst over
    Apolgies if that is disrepectful - would kill for a figurue like yours SIGH ....:).....- im rolly polly big and bouncy
    Hello mozzette - i just wanted to say that you have beautiful boobs.... And i am a woman..
    I hope things are okay and if you feel like unloading the contents of your mind on me then i will listen and shock you with just how inadequate my advice can be...:) But the offer is always there.

    I hope things get better for you. I am not yet in a new place but it should be moving a bit quicker. Though i have said this a few times already. THIS time....:)

    Take care hun and drop me a line any time.

    Maybe i am just deceiving myself into thinking i've actually visited a place by seeing it on TV..:) But needs must when poverty calls. I like these camera shows about police chases and stuff, but i hate the patronising commentary and the self righteous indignation of the police, especially the American ones..:) I need to work out this obsession. And Street Lights kind of fascinate me too. Don't know why i'm telling you this, but these things are better out than!

    Well, i love the geordie accent as you know. I reckon that comes from a London obsessed media, that unless you speak the Queens English then you're some kind of reprobate. You should be pleased with it, it's very attractive.

    Oh the bath thing was a complete pain in the arse, but i kind of enjoyed it. Maybe i have too much martyrdom inside me, maybe i enjoy suffering? Not a pleasant thought..:)
    I always remember that spot when you're on the train, it's really something. Plus i was kind of obsessed by Auf Wiedersehen Pet so i really like that part of the world. I also have a strange fascination about watching things like marathons just to see the city or the place. I suppose it's just travelling for lazy bastards..:)

    It's crap how the Central Heating goes just as you need it. I lived in a place that had a dodgy boiler and you very rarely had any hot water. If you wanted a bath you had to boil the kettle 50 times and carry it upstairs in buckets..:) I am probably single handedly responsible for Global Warming..:)
    Life is okay - just watched a DVD about Manchester gangsters which seemed appropriate for the day. They had the Great North Run on TV and that's how i knew the weather was crap..:) It has cleared up a bit here, but it's freezing too. I have three jumpers on and two pairs of socks.

    The pictures of the Tyne Bridges looked great, it's a beautiful spot.
    I think it's healthy to like your own company, if i didn't i would be completely knackered..:) I think it's a real failing in people that they can't sit in a room alone and be with their own thoughts. Not ALL the time though.:)

    My friday wasn't much good actually, but today is better, though i am riding on the coat-tails of the rush from my Quorn sausages...:)

    Hmm, maybe i should go out sometime, lol!
    Don't mean to be a pain in the ass anorak, but that track is on 'Gold Against The Soul'..:) I know, what a tosser and a real man would have just skipped it. In moments of self discovery, tosser is the mildest thing i call myself believe me! Er, anyhoo...

    Crushes are fine, i still get them and they're harder now that EVER. I overcame Kate Bush and thought i'd mastered it. Many clouds and rainfall has burst into this swinging brick formerly known as a heart..:) What a miserable bastard..:)

    No the show was good. I found out that he hanged about 50 Nazis and hanged Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain. I bet old Hindley was pissed off - at least it would have been!

    Well, sleep well and don't complain about the Sun. We don't want it to go away again..:)
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