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  • Yes I can imagine its very difficult being a Morrissey fan in Canada. His protest has become even more baffling and tedious in recent years.

    How did you first come to hear about The Smiths or Morrissey's music? I ask as living in Manchester, his influence is felt throughout the City and naturally it had quite an impact upon me first discovering them.

    Been lucky enough to see Moz 6 times and got tickets to see johnny next month. Although, like yourself my relationship with touring Morrissey got off to a bad start. My first gig of his was the 2009 Liverpool one where he got hit with a cup of beer during the second song, went off and never came back lol was a crushing experience :o. Was also present at Bradford 2011 when during the encore all the band came out wearing 'f*** morrissey solo' tshirts haha

    Don't worry though, both Moz and Marr will be touring for a good few years yet so your time will come :thumb: keep the faith :cool:
    Thanks for the add :)

    hope you've enjoyed your time on the 'online creche'

    you should post more often, although its not easy being a morrissey fan in 2013 :cool:

    viva moz x
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