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    Johnny Marr podcast feat. 'Whether he worries about Morrissey ruining The Smiths’ legacy' - WFPK

    Thanks for posting, preesh. Why is the sound so bad? Johnny sounds like he is on a payphone in 1993. I mean, don't these people do this for a living - f***ing jokes.
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    Any good Morrissey fan podcasts?

    Yeah, I heard that one - it doesn't work particularly well, the format is all wrong. This one is better: I'm sure there must be others but, let's face it, if they were any good we'd already know about there's definitely a gap in the market.
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    Johnny Marr supports Morrissey over Kimmel / Duck Dynasty squabble

    If Morrissey is packing in singing, I'd love to see him on the telly. I'd like to see a reality show where The Smiths got back together, I wonder how much Morrissey would want for that? About £20m or so I'd expect lol. I think he'd be really good on X Factor or a similar show, something where he...
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    Folha de S. Paulo mistakenly says Morrissey's mother is dead'

    Re: Ffs I think they are all essentially the same things, if you look at a map of Kensington you will see the office for the Daily Mail backs onto (and is part of the same building as) the office for The Independent. They also do Metro and Evening Standard in there. You can't trust the news...
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    Plea - BBC 2 2:15 today

    lol, nice to see you are paying attention! You should try our award-winning podcast to see the full range, hope you enjoy: :thumb:
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    Plea - BBC 2 2:15 today

    Should this really be in general discussion? I mean someone saying they might be on telly this afternoon, why not just go all the way and get your showreel out - Ready Steady Cook, Britain's Got Talent, you know - all the highbrow stuff. Personally I just have Sky+, you can record stuff off yr...
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    Morrissey interview, 2 songs on 3 News - New Zealand TV

    Re: Morrissey interview and song on NZ TV That was a good interview and a good performance (and I don't even like Paris that much). I expect most ppl think what he said about Kate is far-fetched - but he's right, and he wouldn't say it for no reason.
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    "The Right Thing Right", Johnny Marr Track From The Messenger

    Re: New Johnny Marr song - The Right Thing, Right It's rubbish.
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    The Sun

    Is the answer that they are all rent-a-gobs? Where is Nicky Wire? Maybe they couldn't use a picture of anyone directly involved in the hacking - so it just goes to show you can't go wrong with a fax machine.
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    The Sun

    Who are all the other ones? Is it Seb Coe, Boris Johnson, who is that woman... is it Jordan??? And who is the one in the corner, is it Chris Packham? What is this shit?
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    Gene's Martin Rossiter Interview, Comparisons With Morrissey -

    That was really interesting, thanks. That's a bit rude. Menswear were ace as well.
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    Savile, paedophilia and the establishment cover-up?

    I found this really interesting.
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    Savile, paedophilia and the establishment cover-up?

    Has anyone looked at that list??? That can't be real.
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    Savile, paedophilia and the establishment cover-up?

    Well I never thought Pippy himself was a pedo, but he must have heard a few things in that broom cupboard over the years and it's interesting (and unusual) to see him savaging David Cameron over the matter. The gays thing was pathetic, but I think Cameron was groping around for a way out and...
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    Savile, paedophilia and the establishment cover-up?

    Thanks for posting that, I'd not heard that one. I like David Icke, he just blethers on a bit too much sometimes. I think he's onto something personally. You have two types of pedo's - common-or-garden pervs like Savile, and ones that do it for 'ritual' purposes (see Ted Heath). I'm tempted to...
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