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  • Would you plz just make me one? So long as it's Moz?! I really love the cover photo of him in the pool on AYNIM :D
    Rosie, I did what you advised but it didn't work for me :( I am sad and FRUSTRATED! well I tried to get the cover of "AYNIM" off which I saw on google like you said I should visit. I typed in the url whatever that means? and it still says INVALID URL! HELP!
    Thanx so much Rosie! I will definitely give that a go! Much appreciated! We'll see what happens if I can get rid of that ugly Q mark or not!---Kar :)
    Good to hear! Wish I could make my own Mozzie avatar. But it's impossible to do so on a library computer :( I'm sick of seeing that dreaded Q mark w/ my name! :{
    I stuuupidly told Suedebread who is now a friend :) about my drummer friend who plays in a Rod Stewart cover band over here up in northern New England USA THINKING HE WAS THE DRUMMER WHEN IT'S YOU! Now I feel dumb! LOL His name is Steve and he's only a month younger than Morrissey! Go here if you're From one drummer to another!--Karrie
    Hey! Rosie, ever watch Family Guy? This is my fave show! Hilarious! It reminds me so much of The Simpsons but is raunchier hee, hee ;) + I find it funny they are an Irish Catholic fam living in Rhode Island not too far from me! Of course it's fictional but that's still cool! I'd say my fave Simpsons char is Mr. Burns. I just love his voice! So evil and devious. LOL Excellllllent! Glad to know we have another thing in common besides loving Moz! Talk to ya later, Karrie :)
    thanx for accepting my friend request. u r my youngest one so far...luv ur screenname, avatar,too cute guess u luv The Simpsons too?! :D Also luv ur bio, very well put! Moz RULZ! How long u been a fan of him? it'll be 6 yrs for me this spring! Still luv him to bits in his older age! Be seeing ya! Kar:thumb:
    I'm very well, ta!:) And you?

    Hmmm, let me see... probably:
    And This Day, The Classical, Touch Sensitive, Industrial Estate, Clasp Hands, Lie Dream of a Casino Soul, Kicker Conspiracy, Hey! Luciani, Eat Y'Self Fitter, Mr. Pharmacist, How I Wrote Elastic Man, Hit The North, Edinburgh Man, Fantastic Life, Hip Priest, New Face In Hell.... I could go on!:p What would your list be?
    The picture is a link?
    Ok, I'll click it, but you shall be responsible for my actions.
    If my flatmates complain that I'm screaming about making broth...
    I wanted to ask:
    How can you have mashed potatoes and pumkin soup?
    Seperately? With the potato in the soup?

    I know I should just accept what Mark E Smith says but...
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