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    Are you Morrissey?

    I saw him once, in B&M Bargains. Does that count?
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    Moz TWITTERs

    Anyone who thinks Morrissey would ever 'twitter' should stand in the corner on one knee.
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    Third Manchester date?

    Chin up, you never know what's around the next corner.
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    You were good in your time - Who is it about?

    I think it's about Frank Sidebottom.
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    Years Of Refusal Review: The Scotsman

    Re: Years Of Refusal Review :The Scotsman This review first appeared a couple of weeks ago in the London Evening Standard. It has not improved with age. Unlike it's subject.
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    Pregs for the Win

    "It's good news week"
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    Poll: Boy Scouts: Ban or Permit?

    Helen, you expect too much from people. They have no interest in what you say because it means they are wrong. And they ARE wrong.
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    Morrissey Contact info?

    Re: email moz I did once but the wretch never replied. I only wanted to discuss Fionn mac Cumhaill's footwear.
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    "Is my bed made? I'm coming home Ben." S.
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    I bought a new fall coat

    This Fall coat came with a free Fall hat.
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    Morrissey, UK, September

    Wishing you all a Happy Christmas in England.
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    test ignore

    I said ignore. You disobey. Must it always. Be this way?
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    test ignore

    test ignore prepare
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