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  • Hey it's Kyle from the Leeds show hope Sheffield was good! My girlfriend noticed my hints and got us tickets to the Liverpool concert!
    I do think that he liked the single. Or at least I'd like to think so :) I am thinking of Liverpool actually. I will let you know once I have more concrete plans.
    I have just been listening to the mp3 of Moon over Kentucky. Just fantastic. I am so glad we heard that one on Tuesday!
    Hi - everything went really fast yesterday, so I kind of lost you (and your girlfriend) - in any case, I wanted to thank you again for saving me the spot on the barrier! A wonderful night.
    Which gigs are you going to in October? I am currently thinking of getting some tickets... but I am unsure which ones I should go for. I have heard only the worst about Ally Pally, but it seems easiest for me right now...

    Anyway - I hope you got home safely.
    (aka the fan from Luxembourg :) )
    hi mate, you atill looking for tickets for the apollo? im really struggling now and on e bay they are mad prices, whats your plan? Im gettin nervous now!
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