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    Morrissey Central "IN PRAISE OF DAN MATHEWS; 35 PETA YEARS" (July 9, 2021)

    Whew, at first I thought it said Dave Matthews and I was getting ready to be enraged.
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    Book of Condolence Thread

    Amazing voice.
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    Official Facebook Cruel World confirmed, Pasadena CA., May 14, 2022 - tickets on sale June 11, 2021

    I don't know, Christian Death without Rozz or Rikk just seems wrong.
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    Morrissey-solo upgraded to Xenforo 2.1

    Grats on the successful upgrade.
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    Morrissey Central: Tommy Robinson Freed - Styxhexenhammer666 YouTube

    Tommy Robinson, what a horrendous individual. Morrissey can align himself with whomever he chooses, but that's it for me. So long Moz, you've really lost it.
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    All UK/European gigs postponed due to "logistical circumstances beyond our control" - management

    Time for him to either rehabilitate his image or give up on touring. Since he doesn't appear to be self aware enough to realize he's dug himself a hole, I'd imagine South America will be his last jaunt, if that even comes off.
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    Love Music Hate Racism event by Dave Haslam - Manchester, same night Morrissey plays (July 8, 2018)

    The world has decided Moz is a racist, the views of his fans don't mean shit to them.
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    William Shatner tweets "All You Need Is Me" quote

    I now require a classic Shatner cover of this song!
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    Der Spiegel audio file of Morrissey interview released

    There's always the art vs artist issue. Each person answers the question in their own way. Some will stop Sirius/XM subscriptions because Bannon is on their now and others won't. People still flock to the Michael Jackson Cirque show in Vegas even though he was diddling little kids. There's...
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