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    Statement by Jesse Tobias about Kristeen Young and Tony Visconti Facebook comments -

    Re: Article: Statement by Jesse Tobias about Kristeen Young and Tony Visconti Facebook comments - tr Las Vegas might be one place that would tolerate Morrissey's flakiness. Danny Gans cancelled (at least, IIRC) half his shows and still had his own theater at The Mirage until he died (at...
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    Should Morrissey attempt to tour again this year?

    Yeah, it would also help if he didn't let any idiot present grab and drool all over him. I can't help but wonder if that's why he gets sick so often...he's exposed to more germs than a preschool teacher. :barf: But, no, he should definitely not play any more shows in the U.S., for a while...
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    Help me settle a bet I have with my fiance over which Morrissey video is better.

    ^^This^^ Both videos displayed Morrissey's physical attractiveness. November shows Moz acting out the drama of his lyrics (somewhat) without going too far. He also gets to be silly with a Hershey bar and an apple and Band-Aid. That quiff never looked better than in the November video, either. ;)
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    I just talked to the box office (2:40 pm, pacific time, December 15, 2009). The nice man told me that tickets purchased online will be automatically refunded the end of this week or beginning of next. The show is absolutely canceled with no reschedule whatsoever. Those were almost his exact...
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    I called the box office yesterday and the employee said that they were just waiting for Morrissey to call and let them know what he wanted to do. :confused: I'm predicting he won't reschedule the Indio show, but I'll hang on to my tickets to see the how the drama plays out. :rolleyes: BTW...
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    Is there a Morrissey fan 'type'?

    Okay, I'll play. I would guess that most Morrissey fans are introverts who feel misunderstood (at least sometimes) by their families/their peers/the world. They're not overly concerned about what other people think of them, so they just do their own thing w/out much drama. They're not...
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    tour merch?

    Thanks for the pics and scoop, Mel! Great guns - thirty five bucks for a t-shirt?! :eek: I'm ungodly old and remember when concert t-shirts (for most acts) were about eight dollars. Back then a pack of smokes was under a buck and we had to walk to school because dad wouldn't hitch up the...
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    Fantasy Springs in Indio - NO Cameras!!

    We had to walk through the entire place to get our tickets (due to where we had parked, and not having been there before). Anyway, it's your typical Indian casino...smoky, pseudo-slot machines occupied by deadeyed elderly folk, and plenty of nondescript restaurants. We didn't see any clubs...
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    Fantasy Springs in Indio - NO Cameras!!

    Okay, I'll be cool about it then. :cool: Thanks again all! :)
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    Fantasy Springs in Indio - NO Cameras!!

    Hey, thanks for all the quick replies! :D I thought I might just be worrying for nothing. Worst case is I'd have to haul my carcass back to the car to drop off the camera. Certainly not the end of the world and, from what y'all are saying, not too terribly likely. abay, you weren't...
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    Fantasy Springs in Indio - NO Cameras!!

    Well, that's what they told me over the phone a few minutes ago. :( I asked if my camera would be confiscated, they said they'd make me take it back to my car. The guy said it like he really meant it too. :straightface: I've been lurking here for a while and have seen a ton of great...
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