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  • Sorry to hear about your friend, mozmal -too young. Keep her alive in your heart. Wishing you peace. :)
    Hi, I got the Michael Moore link when he confronted Fred Phelps - God forgive me, but the sooner the evil old lunatic is dead the better. And he can take the rest of his in-bred brood with him.
    Mal - I watched the Blair Witch thing last night, it terrified me entirely! I was walking to bed in the dark listening for strange sounds and I went down again twice to check that the door was locked :o . I watched the special features on the DVD as well, it seems that some people believe it was authentic footage and others believe it was a hoax. I'm not sure, but the stick people and eerie moaning in the woods was strange. I also didn't think the arguing and fighting was acted. The only bit that seems a bit OTT for me was the end - the bloody handprints on the walls, the fact that they didn't just run at the first opportunity, that they both appeared to coincidentally fall down and that was it. If they did die out there, I am more inclined to believe it was from starvation/dehydration etc. An unsettling film.


    Edit: I'm now confused altogether. I just looked on Wikipedia (not the most trustworthy source), and it said the film and characters are "entirely fictional", as is the documenatry on the Special features DVD etc. If that's true then it seems a bit sick, to act the grieving siblings etc. Bizarre.
    Incidentally 22 years ago today first time I landed on the British soil.

    Have a lovely birthday. :)
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