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    Sorry to hear about having no luck finding new jobs.
    Hope something comes along your way soon.
    Hi mozmal!

    Seen some of your ace pics of the Lake District, it looks lovely infact me and my boyfriend are thinking of going, do you know of any nice cabins or cottages right near the lakes?

    Thanks again

    It's a pretty miserable place. "Comtesse" seems to have returned though and she's really great, well-informed and balanced. Ooh thankyou! I'll watch it in the evening and report back with my thoughts :D
    Sorry to hear your birthday went relatively unnoticed but has you are aware fings aint what they used to be around here.
    you said once that come back to camden was sounchecked..can you still remember which concert it was?thnks
    he didnt sang the song very long on the soundcheck but abandoned quickly?
    hey i saw your post with the hammersmith odeon 91 dvd but the links are broken.. would you please post them again? im dying for them..
    After my near death experience at Hull, im not seeing Moz in yorkshire again, twas WAY to violent even for me. im tempted to stick you on my payroll just for your filming capabilities.. i NEED you at all the gigs, to capture those frinky frink sign moments, LOL
    arghh, sorry no internet access, i was at manch yes, missed queue on fri, (twas insane they were there the night before and i had NO intention of camping out in THAT area. ) and on rail last night, which according to all who were down there on fri, it was much rougher last night.,.., *strokes bruises*
    im in salisbury now, sulking... argghhh..
    if your in london for any of them, message me ill pm you my number.
    and a dvd of hull stuff you have would be fab, you are a star.
    oi oi, why didnt you come and introduce yourself? hmm, some of us had queued all day and our highlight wouldve been meeting you. hope you got some good pics etc, and didnt get to roughed up. xx
    Hi Mal, glad to hear you had a good time!!!! Thanks, I'd love a DVD! :) How'd you manage to sneak a camera in? I want to take mine into the shows, but I am very worried they will confiscate it. If I manage a stage invasion (yeah right, a girl can dream!), hopefully you'll get it recorded! :D
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