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  • Hey there! I ordered some shirts from you yesterday (Sitwell, Je Suis, and Kill Uncle tour replica) and just realized that I apparently I bought shirts from you as far back as 2008. Crazy!

    Since you mentioned requests, two shirts I used to own but wore to death and would KILL to have again are: Your Arsenal tour shirt with the Vespa (from the Fatty single) and the 91 tour shirt with the Ouija Board sleeve design.

    Thanks again, looking forward to my shirts arriving!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO!!! HA, HA, NOT JUST SPMoz! Hope you get whatever your heart desires! luv, Karrie
    Thanx for writing back, err on your own pg not mine! Good thing I checked else I'd have never seen your reply! WOW! A May 22 PIG TOO?! EERIE! Very cool! I am compatible w/ the BOAR as well :) as I'm a sheep or goat as some cultures refer to us as yet they aren't even the same animal! :0 So if my math is correct you were born May 22, 1971? (or 12 yrs b4 so..... 1947? ) Lucky you have MET him afew x as well? Did you get to tell him you share the same b-day?! ;) OMG I'D LOVE for you to send me pix of your Moz encounters! My e-mail addy is on my profile pg but it's ka[email protected] ok? Well his Boston HOB show coming up on Sun :D will be my only show this yr...unless he comes back in the fall. See I live up in NH and Boston is the closest he comes to my area! :(I just saw you wrote back to me on March 13th! I should have gone back on your pg sooner, eh? Well talk to you on MY PG nexttime so I know you posted plz! ----Karrie
    Hey Karrie, yeah I couldn't believe it when I learned I had the same b-day as Moz. We are A LOT alike! I am also the same Chinese sign as he is...the (crashing) BOAR. We are exactly 12 years apart...very strange ;). I have been a fan since the 80's. I was a huge Smiths fan then, and remain a Moz-solo fan. I went to about 15-20 shows last tour, but this tour I am stuck at home taking care of a loved one who just had surgery. I am planning on going to Philly, NJ and maybe the Bowery show in NYC. I've met Moz a few times as well...give me ur email and I'll show you some pics. Hope to catch up with you sometime!
    Btw forgot to mention, I don't own a home pc so I come to the library to use the Internet ; I try to go a couple times a week, usually on Weds or Thus my 2 days off from work at my local SPCA. Like Moz, I am a born animal lover, particularly cats and rabbits of which I have 2 at home! I'm here after work today to check my e-mail on my yahoo account and I was so plzed to see a new msg from you, my newest Mozziepal :). Hard to believe SPM will be turning 50 this yr as I'll be 30! :O (dread) I still feel like I never left (nor lived) my teen yrs and I like Moz, loathed them, they were HORRIBLE! 20s were a bit better...I guess, I have yet to reach my peak like he has blossomed in his older age! :) Talk to ya next time! Bye! ---Kar
    hey Mozgrrl! Andrea! Damn girl if you share your b-day w/ our beloved Moz LET THE WORLD KNOW! Put it up on your profile pg at least so others can see! That is neat, lucky you! So are you a true Gemini? I myself am into astrology so I've studied up a great deal on May 22nd! :D It's been '6 long yrs of my life' since I got into Moz/Smiths since Spring 2003, which is when I should have joined Solo, duh me! I see you joined the forums in 2006. Is that also when you bec a fan? So which gig/s are you attending? My only one is the closest he'll be coming up here to my area of New England, in Boston 3/29/09 ; I only hope he gets better b4 then! :O he must be so devastated having to cancel due to loss of his voice! :( had to endure such at his 6/26/07 Boston gig, luckily he was able to reschedule it for 07/07/07 :D Nice chatting to you! Hope we can bec good friends ; Gemini & Virgo both ruled by Mercury! take care, Karrie :)
    hello Mozgrrl! Thanks for accepting my friend request! :D So how long have you been into Moz? And when may I ask is your b-day? Just curious! Speak to you soon? Glad to add you to my list of Mozziepals! hey! we both write to Corrissey & sweetness522 as well. Neato! take care, Karrie :)
    Awesome, thanks for letting me know that - in that case I'll take the Smiths Ramones in Black/White size L, and the moz 92 in black/white size L. Whats your paypal?
    did you end up giving away your cassette collection? If not, I'm extremely interested. I feel as though I'm the only one left with a cassette player in my car. Thanks!
    Hey, do you still have Smiths Ramones (Black/Yellow, size L) and Moz 92 (Black/White, size L)? How much + shipping? I'm in the US, 97006 zipcode.

    Hey Mozgrrl - do you still have t-shirts available? I just stumbled upon this thread today and like what I see!

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