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  • hi..
    how are you doing?:)
    well, i wasn't here regulary..:eek:
    i was on the paris..rome..and the netherlands..
    it was so great..a very good time...then i started my education..
    social pedagogy..very tough but also interesting...i started it
    6 weeks have to do a
    lot of stuff...especially after school..but i'm happy
    with's much better than i thought..and that's, isn't it? you learn lot of we got
    the topic children til next year..then i will start with
    the the mentally retarded and at last older people..
    seniors..yes..all kind of mind! ...
    So, How are YOU doing..??:D
    everything's well so new??:rolleyes:
    lovley greets from cold and rainy cologne!!

    miry in a coma;)

    PS..maybe you could send the messages to MY profile site..
    so i can see and check them faster:D
    Hi Miry.....things are fine here in NJ....80's....sunny....Monday has arrived! not my child....just s nice bass I caught last year. I spend a lot of time on my fishing boat especially in the summer when I'm off. One of the best perks of teaching is a nice 2 month vacation in July & August. What's new with you? Talk to you soon....
    hi Mark..
    how are you doing..??
    hope everything's well..:)
    any news??

    hugs miry it your child in the picture..seem very cute:D
    Hello Miryam.....I will attribute any misspellings to too much achohol. No problem at all....if you are interested in any Idol, Cure, Depeche Mode, anything you can think of bootlegs let me know. I love to share music with fellow fans. Talk to you have officially been added as a first here!!!! Hehe...later. Mark
    well..yes..i'm really in love with that has a catchy melody..and the lyrics..typical moz..simply great!! It says much about the moment!!..So it's nice to know such a song..a song that underlines it!!:rolleyes:

    ähm..muchas gracias for your download links..they're both fantastic the moment i prefer the buenos aires one..from 1999..but it could everday:)

    i really appreciate your stuff!!
    think i have to make a new folder for save on my's really time:eek:

    dear's 5:20 in the morning here..i think i have to sleep now..btw i'm a bit don't care too much of grammar:p..

    well, wish you a nice restday and rainy greets from cologne..hope the weather is much better over there:D;)
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