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  • Aww I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's passing and you have been having a hard time :( it was great to hear from you at last though! I know as well as anyone (MOZ!) that life can be a 'pigsty' as he sings, but hang in there! I hope you have a good strong network of family and friends to support you through this most difficult time. I have but one older brother and I feel like I have lost him too, but not in the same context as you, of course. It's a very sad situation , I won't get into it now. But thank you for your message and I hope things get better for you. never forget Moz's own msg of 'in the future when all's well' x Karrie
    Hello KMM, thanks for yoyr message! Sorry, I couldn't make you my 1st friend, don't know how to do it! I love cats, but I haven't got any cat or pet now, so I am very unhappy!
    Sorry for not writing eralier, but I have had an horrible year, my sister was ill with cancer and had died on august the 24th, so life has become pretty...bad...
    I don't have a facebook account!
    Thanks for the username! Congratulatins for being a cat tech, you are luchy!
    Hello! I never thanked you for accepting my friend request! You must obviously be a cat lover as well as a Moz lover like me! I work at my local SPCA as a cat tech! :) Very clever username I must say! I now spend more time on facebook than on here as I have many Mozfanfriends I chat to on their rather than on it can get pretty ugly on here as I'm sure you must be aware...If you care to friend me on fb my username is my full name Karrie Marie May. Thanks for making me your 1st friend on here! :) Take care and VIVA MOZ!
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