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  • Hi Motorways,

    I will be Denver, Colorado between 26FEB12 to 02MAR12. I was wondering if there are any good indie gigs around that period?

    I know Korn, Megadeth, Motorheads will be playing at Fillmore that week.

    Cheers from Singapore.

    oh yeah? i like him on the album. i was a little iffy about seeing him perform live.

    he's too distracting back there.
    there is also a Swedish cdon, you should take into consideration that the Danish krona is worth more than the Swedish.
    Actually, that's not a bad price. Hotstuff is a pretty good site as well. I think you need to preorder it.
    Their LPs are pretty pricey, they sometimes pop up on Swedish ebay and usually fetch quite a lot. If you ever see something on tradera that you are interested in I can bid on your behalf if you'd like. I'll keep my eyes open round the stores. I don't really fancy Tiger Lou, the best Swedish band ever is Broder Daniel. Sadly they no longer exist.
    I've seen them a couple of times but I'm not really a fan, let me know if you want something and I'll see if I can find it here.
    where did you find your avatar? i feel like i saw that record at a store in minneapolis.
    I'm sorry I didn't get back to you on how to embed a video. This message box does not allow code so it's kind of hard to show you how. :( What you need to do is copy the embedded code from YouTube from the video you want and then type youtube surrounded by brackets at the beginning of the code and then /youtube surrounded by brackets at the end of the code. Hope that makes sense. Fran :)
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