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  • Aww I see sweet Corrissey is your only friend on here :( Well I'd like to add you to my list if that's ok? I LOOOVVE your profile pic ; byfar my fave photo from Linder's "Shot" book/black & white Moz photos masterpiece! The way the rays of sun are clinging to his hot bod! OW! Btw my name is Karrie and I've been a fan of the most handsome man on the planet lol for the last 6yrs this spring in fact it will be! I live in a very secluded Northern New England town up in New Hampshire and this site is my saving grace ; as I know of no one else in my area that loves SPM like me! Hope to hear back from you soon! Take care, Karrie :)
    dbowie!!! HOW ARE YOU!!! So nice to hear from you. I haven't been posting to the main boards anymore. My home is here (can you tell w/my post count?! :o) My life has been the pits over the last couple of years (hence the post count! :p) but things are getting sorted out now. :p

    I'm so excited you're going to see Moz. He owes you (and your niece) a FULL concert!! My fingers are crossed so hard that he comes to Chicago!!!! :cool:
    Be well, talk soon!!! :)
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