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  • Thanks, you too! It's actually a Killers month for me (20th) :)

    JT will be fun to watch. I love Simon, too-he's still so fine. :horny: And then there's Roger... don't even get me started. Ha!
    Hi :) hope you are well.
    I read a brief blurb today that someone in New Mexico claimed voter fraud over a name, but turns out it was real/legitimate. The name? Duran Duran :eek:
    Hi there!

    Thanks for my new signature...(I am easily amused).
    BTW, I love the pictures of you w/ Moz! *swoons*
    Thank you very much. If i get just one more friend request, i would have enough for a decent game of hide and seek..:)
    Hmm... I felt just the right age =o) lol
    I can't wait to see your pictures! Did he interact with the crowd a lot? Anyone (YOU) touch him?
    I was excited for you knowing you were there last night. Oh and D2 was my first love as well!
    Peace, Corey
    we are friends , dont know why it says that - your in my myspace friends as well because your a sweetie x
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