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  • ooh can't wait to get me Moz goodies in the mail! Thanks a bunch Jen! No! I haven't heard from that Canadian guy yet. I gave him one of my cards I like to try and hand out to 'serious' Moz/Smiths fans whenever I've gone to a Moz show but nothing so far. Eh well, whatevas! Hey Jen r u on facebook as well? Cos Jeniphir is and added me a s friend. If so, my acct is under my full name Karrie Marie May just in case there are any others w/ my exact name spelling! Didn't you say you made me a Moz mix CD too? W/ Becuz OMPE on it, I hope! Guess I'll have to wait and see! I need to update my list of songs, haven't done so since YOR's been released! Will send ya my list once I get your addy too! Moztastic day? Ur funny! Byeee!--Karrie
    Btw Jen, my friend from Wash state who's responsible for introd and getting me into my Morrissey obsession, made me a CD of the 10/30/07 show, but I have never seen the VIDEO!! and would LOVE to have that if you do that is! I love listening to it and just knowing I WAS THERE is a real head trip for me! Ha! Ha! Thanx again so much! you are too sweet :D xxx Karrie
    I wanted to come over this last weekend for the CT and Boston gigs... but couldnt justify the cost for a long weekend, especially when I'll be over early May for 2 weeks
    Just read your msg to me again to see if I forgot something. AND VIDEOS? You'll make me a DVD? of your Moz vids?! I can't watch anything online i.e. CD Rom format so.....I reeeeeallly need to get w/ the x and buy a laptop or something! I try to come to the library to use the net and chat to my Mozzie friends:D as often as I'm allowed lol. I HAVEN'T EVEN READ ALL THE POSTSHOW COMMENTS YET! I ALWAYS print out all the pgs to add to my Moz files:D. Again ty so much for your generosity and kindness! Would you also PLZ be able to burn me the ONE B-side "Because Of My Poor Education" I HAVEN'T HEARD?! I would be indebted to you! I mean send it thru the mail?! TY Jen! Bye again, Kar:)
    It was nice to meet you as well. Now reality sets back in and have to go back to work. At least I still have one more show to look forward to. Hopefully he'll make another stop in the area soon.
    hi Jen! It was nice to meet you too! I'm so envious that you had Moz all thruout your teen yrs and can say you've met him too! That would be sooo cool if you sent me a CD of all your photos!!! That's right I gave you you my mailing addy in case we didn't see each other and you couldn't give me the Moz shirt piece. Pity it no longer smells of his scent :(, I was so hoping it would. I will def have to pick me up some Avignon fragrance sometime ;). Oh that nice Canadian guy's name is Mohammed (I prob spelled it wrong! :0) from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, his 1st Moz show and I trust he had a good time! Thanks for letting me hang out w/ ya up in the balcony! We could see his Greatness so good, close up! Whatta rush! I miss him already :( Let's hope he returns to Beantown in the fall like he did in '07 :). Btw this is the 1st time you wrote on my profile pg Thanks! + Harsh Truth befriended me! Awesome! Bcnya!---Kar
    Happy (belated) Birthday, hun! Sorry I didn't see it posted.
    Please, please, tell me now... was it happy?! :)

    hey Jen! it's just plain old Karrie and my last name May ; a non Moz fan friend of mine invited me to join so I did! :) Would love to add you to my friends list on there!
    hi Jen! I recall you asked me when we 1st started writing on here if i had a myspace pg well i do NOW ; I barely visit it though, I spend most of my online time on here :D Just thought I'd let you know then maybe we can keep in touch thru there...byeee, Kar
    Oooh, what wonderful news to start my day! Thanks! Glad you are well, I'm hanging in there myself :)
    Hey jen again! lol The pic I was referring to was the one that comes after you post! I figured your avatar was you and Morrissey but it's so tiny I can barely see it :0 That's so cool that you got to meet him! hehe on that date May 1994 I was a mere 14 yr old going on 15 then! How I envy you! And awww you even got a HUG! You must tell me more! :D Did he smell good?! I'm sure he did! Oh I could just imagine! Anyways, talk to ya next week luv Kar :) Oh and I'm guessing "Seasick.." is your fave Moz solo song?! :D
    hey jen! I never did ask you about the pic of Moz from circa 1991 and is that YOU w/ him?? If so, AWESOME blossom! To be in the presence of such beauty and greatness sigh... Also that's so cool your Dogs In Danger link attached to your posts as well. As an SPCA worker I always appreciate such ; getting the word out, you know? So good on you for doing that! Talk to ya next week? Take care, Karrie Oh btw only a few more wks til the HOB gig! I'm getting all giddy lol!
    hello there! I just sent a msg to a friend of yours Harsh Truth and I see we are all 3 going to the same Moz HOB Boston show on March 29th! Cool! I also put in a request to befriend. I live in New Hampshire as does Harsh Truth so I figured I ought to try and make contact! I'm new to the forums but been a Moz fan since 2003 and been to all 3 Boston shows since Oct 2004. Please write back ty--*Karrie Btw I love your screenname + the pic to go w/ it I've never seen b4 of Morrissey!
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