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    A brief assessment of the new songs - Mojo

    Okay, this needs to be said, since I am truly exhausted by the perpetual "oh, we miss Alain'" and "Jesse is so shit" nonsense consistently tossed about on this site. Comparing technical, instrumental facility: Jesse Tobias is ten times the guitar player. Comparing songwriting ability: Alain...
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    US Tour Presale

    AC password is MOZAC.
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    the kid's a looker official download for US retail

    Hey all, Not looking for a freebie, just wondering if there is any legal way to purchase and download The Kid's a Looker within the US. The online EMI shop will not let me purchase it, it's not on Amazon or iTunes. What's up with that? If it is not legally buyable, then Of Course I...
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    Reading, PA - Sovereign Performing Arts Center (Jan. 18, 2013) post-show

    Commes des Garcon Avignon Incense About $80 a bottle
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    Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Academy of Music (Jan. 11, 2013) post-show

    Mega gig, though security nearly broke my nose, painfully thwarting my failed stage invasion. The main dude working the left side (opposite Arturo) is brutal. Thankfully, Moz gave me a thoroughly apologetic handshake after he witnessed my violent fate.
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    Franz Nicolay Offers Coachella 2009 Morrissey Recollection in Tour Diary Zine

    Hey, long-time veggie person here: for the record, the longer you live your life vegetarian, the more the smell of meat will repel you. Obviously Moz should've known where he was playing, what the conditions are, etc., but I will attest to the actual unpleasantness of the odor to someone who...
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    Gene's Martin Rossiter Interview, Comparisons With Morrissey -

    Thanks, Ben, for the defense. Anonymous needs to crack open a grammar text before revisiting! I agree with King Leer, though, about what ultimately killed Gene off. Every great pop act needs a bit of the weird, or at least the silly, to transcend. It's what is so ho hum about the majority of...
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    Gene's Martin Rossiter Interview, Comparisons With Morrissey -

    Let me get this straight: a guy singing songs to piano accompaniment equals a rip off of an obscure Morrissey b-side. I think there are centuries of music pre-dating I've Changed My Plea that attempt such a thing...
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    "Ask" live video used to promote "Rank"

    Just an FYI: the footage of Moz in white denim / sunglasses is clearly staged, shot for a promo. Not actual concert footage. Probably shot for a proposed "Ask" promo. Good stuff, but staged, not live.
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    Req: St. Louis Pageant mp3s

    thank you thank you I can't say how, as much as I sometimes feel annoyed, this site is about fans helping fans, first and foremost. much appreciated...
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    Req: St. Louis Pageant mp3s

    April 8 (?), 2009 show...there's a really fantastic boot of this floating around, I believe, but I can't seem to locate it anywhere on mp3, only as a torrent. And I'm dumb and have yet to enter the wide, wonderful world of torrents. Is it posted somewhere in mp3 format? Help?
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    Morrissey - Sing Your Smiths 1.0 (2009)

    This is grand! Thanks so much!
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