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  • Ha! And more than one month later I even read it! :D
    I've been away so long that I couldn't even find out how to respond properly, accidentally responded on my profile at first, haha!
    Actually it's my brother that's been diagnosed and has just begun treatment. It's taken the wind out of me considerably though. Life is a very fragile thing, which of course is a truism and a plattitude but sometimes it hits you where it hurts.
    Hi, M - I didn't know you were MissGladys! I just put the connection together today. Anyways, thanks for the request on facebook; we meet again here. Viva Moz - D.
    Oh thank you so very much for the beautiful pic!!! You are very kind.
    I also just discovered your most lovely pic and message in my birthday thread!!! I love it! I never thought to look in the off topic forum on my b-day!
    I must say I feel cheered up tonight!
    Oh, thank you so much! Happy new year!!!!!
    I actually haven't been here in a weeks. I've been feeling quite blue. Hopefully 2010 will be a better year!!!
    Thank you again.
    kao da citam neku od njegovih pesama, skroz emocionalno :bow:

    p.s. Just Do Your Best and Don't Worry :thumb:
    evo me missgladys ili missumisu ili.. "martina from croatia",ovo poslednje mi je postalo omiljeno ;) i gde su sada ti amerikanci ili englezi? If they dare touch a hair on your head I'll fight to the last breath :) salim se..

    sta znaci ona rec "fulat", nikako da shvatim :confused:
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