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  • Hi Miry, are you feeling better? Is it still freezing cold in Cologne? It was sooo hot this week here in California, but finally yesterday it started to get cool. Today we are finally having perfect weather (70F)! :) Are you making the most of your last week of holiday? I hope you are having fun! Miss you! xox
    ohyes..now i remember you..yes..i was really buzy..i were on the road..paris..amsterdam..rome..it was a really beautiful time..:rolleyes:
    then i started my education..social pedagogic..right now i got holidays til monday..then it goes on for 2 years..but it's ok..and really interesting..to learn about the mind of all kind of people..kids..seniors..and disabled person..so it'll never get boring..:D
    and you..how are you??
    everything ok?
    lovley but rainy greets from cologne
    miry still in a coma
    Hi Miri...we haven't talked in ages...but we did several times earlier in the year... I haven't seen you here much lately, but just recently noticed you were online- and I wanted to say HI!
    That kind of scene would take great powers of imagination..:) A Scottish winter doesn't get any easier the more you experience them..:)

    Sleep well and enjoy your break and try not to think of these ear-shattering brats you are about to face..:)
    I am young at heart..:) i am 37 but with a mental age of about 14, so that's probably where the confusion comes from..:) Still younger than Morrissey though, but considerably less talented..:)

    Work Placement is the best way to get experience and you will learn so much. Just give the kids some whisky and i'm sure they'll calm down..:)

    Did you go anywhere special? Or are you just enjoying the free-time?

    I'd better go to bed soon as i have work in the morning..:) take care and enjoy your rest..:)
    No worries. Good to hear that you are enjoying your course and it sounds very tough but i'm sure that it will be ultimately rewarding..:) it has been very wet here too, as you say this kind of weather gets you down..:( It sounds much colder in Cologne than Edinburgh, so i've meade a mental note not to complain too much about the weather..:)

    Little children who scream are annoying the world over..:) And these poor crying children don't appreciate that those young years are the best of their lives..:) wait until they get to MY age.

    Sounds like your team are doing really well. I suppose the side will be finding their feet this season and trying to consolidate their place in the league. Rangers were doing really well up until saturday, where we lost to the bottom team in the league..:( Still they are much better than last season, in terms of watching. We have a new guy called Pedro Mendes and he seems to be making them play at the moment. We were VERY boring last year..:)

    I hope things keep going well for you and enjoy your time off. it sounds like you deserve it..:)

    Love, Alasdair.
    Hi Miry!!! I miss you!!! Everything is fine, I just had some stressful weeks looking for a new job, but I found one so now I am on holiday and am very happy. :) I start my new job in three weeks so the next few weeks I am just going to have family visit me and I'm going to spend time fixing up my house. :) How are you? I hope you are well! *hugs*
    LOL, you have me laughin' !! I think there are plenty of reasons for him to be here. I wouldn't doubt he has a house somewhere here too. Either Hollywood Hills or Santa Monica. Who knows. Maybe not. I honestly don't know how he does in hotels all the time (if that's the case)...without his stuff, all of things ....where? In storage? That must be kinda rough, but I'm sure he's use to it. LOL...okay I'll get you an autograph. :D I think I would have a hard enough time for myself, but I'll try for you, if I haven't already fainted into his arms. :p ;)
    Oh yes! I am anticipating the new album with the never-before-seen photos. :D They're probably everything and more, fulfilling our satisfactory level.
    I read that too. What a treat for the Uker's but even more, I am very happy and pleased he is going to Australia and New Zealand. They deserve to see him and have him there for a bit of time. I hope he enjoys himself there!! But I can't wait for him to do some more shows here. Although knowing he is or at least was here very recently, makes me very happy. I am assuming he is still here right now. *fingers crossed!!* :D
    aww I'm sorry. :o I tend to grab it quick if I don't see it's anyone else's yet. Same with my avatar photo. I'll scrounge up the photos I would like to be apart of the entertwining. Thank you in advance!
    hmm, maybe you could make one for me with the pix I want? Or better yet, surprise me! hah, only if you want to. :o I love my sig now though, I'm not sure how long it would be until I changed it. :D
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