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    Ich wohne zwischen Mainz und Bingen, also nicht mal so weit weg von Köln. Am Freitag bin ich auf nem Konzert im Luxor, falls dir das was sagt...bestimmt :)
    Du gehst ja auch aufs Wireless, gibt's da sowas wie ein Frink-Thread-meet-up? ;)
    Very sexy dream, Myriam, thanks for sharing it with me; you made me very happy. It was very inspiring ;-)
    Greetings from Belgium!!!
    Hey Miry! I finished the ironman!! YAY!!!! The weather was horrible, in the water everyone about drowned cause of the waves caused by the winds, it was scary! So it took about 15 minutes longer to swim cause of the wind, and about and hour and a half longer to bike cause the wind was blowing against us the whole time! Suprizingly the run was the easiest part, who ever thought running 13 miles would be the easy part? It was crazy hardm, but I finished 70.3 miles in 7 1/2 hours! Thanks for the luck, I think it must have worked cause a lot of people quit when it got too hard!
    Hey there Miryam! I am doing alright, thank you for asking. I am in summer school right now so I am busy with work, work, and more work lol Other than that I am doing good. How are you doing? Did you finally see the HOUSE finale? what did you think?
    Its good to hear from you :)
    And thank you so much for the invite and for the fact that you were so helpful today..:) I would have been tempted to say - "I don't know you, sod off!"..:) I was at the Morrissey concert in edinburgh, but stayed at the back because i took my niece and i had to behave. it had to happen for one concert..:) Please, please please let me get what i want was astonishing. And i do wish that Moz would use song titles that doesn't age you 10 years before you finish typing it out..:)

    I really enjoyed the games today, these opening games are traditionally dull, so it was nice to see two good games and i have a good feeling about this tournament. Everytime i see Deco he never impresses me, now obviously he has to be good, but i never see it. The goals that Portugal got were pretty special too, they could win this! Well, it certainly won't be Austria! How did i end up with them..:) I thought there was a few bad challenges and the Turkish players made some pathetic attempts to dive and con the referee, which is infuriating to see.

    I will be cheering Germany on tomorrow night and i'll get a good chance to see the Germans in action because it feels like a long time since i knew their players very well. I absolutely love the German football top. I got one after Euro 96 and i wore it with pride..:)

    I only started speaking to Sweet and tender Hooligan a few weeks ago and she seems really nice. She lives near the college i attend during the week, which is slightly scary..:) Not as scary as seeing you have 4 messages to respond to at once..:)

    Yours, Alasdair.
    Hey Miry,
    YAY! Ironman will be over this weekend! I am very ready, my goal for this one is to finish in a decent time and then beat that time next Ironman. I found out today the water I will be swimming in is 56 degrees right now! EEEKK!!! Anyway I'll let you know how I do, thanks for the luck!

    Yay, that is good you dont have to deal with school anymore. Im so ready to finish but I dont look foward to working the rest of my life lol The only thing i look foward to is having the summers off to do whatever i please...going to see Moz concerts hopefully in the future... But back to you, you play bass right? Do you play in a band or anything? That would be cool. Who are favorite bass players?

    Wow youve seen Moz 3 times! thats way more Moz than ive seen lol I would go crazy if i could see him at least 3 times but that still wouldnt be enough obviously lol And youre right, after seeing Moz its like youre left with an just an empty hole inside. Its such a terrible feeling. But it is a great feeling when hes in your home town and you feel so close to him! Then when he leaves its like a good friend just left you and you miss him terribly....On a lighter note, YOU get to see him SOON! Im so excited for you. Be sure to share all the details! I hope he sings a new song that would be amazinng and you would be the first to hear it live :)

    The last time i saw Morrissey was May of last year. It doesnt seem that long ago and I can remeber it like it was yesterday. Ah! that was the best day of my life. And yes he did play let me kiss you and pigsty. I think i got teary eyed through the whole show lol but definately during Pigsty. I cant wait until he comes back to America....In the mean time enjoy him for me! :D
    thats ok!:) But yeah I am currently studying to become a teacher. I cant wait to finish school. Im tired of it already lol Are you in school or did you go to school already? what are you interested in?

    I cant believe you havent seen the last episode of House but make sure you tell me when you do! You will definately be shocked....I know what you mean about 'endings.' I dont like them either. Especially the end of a Moz concert. That is the WORST feeling ever!! I remember how amazing it was waiting to see him and then acutally seeing him so close and then before you know it, its over. Then you just have Moz withdrawls after that lol I have only seen him once so that was so special for me and now i am dying to see him again, hopefully. How many times have you seen Moz? Are going to see any of the upcoming shows?

    ....like you said there are so many other endings.....and yes, it really is so strange! ;)
    yes, it was so great I couldnt believe it. I dont want to say much so I wont spoil anything, but it was an emotional one... I cant believe its over either but at least theres always reruns :D I am so happy to hear they are filming the next season already! You always have the best info on Hugh and House! keep it coming:D....So they show the episodes in English over there? How does that work in Germany? I hope you get to see them in German soon. I cant imagine not being able to see House my language. That must be frustrating! I actually forgot you were not from the U.S. I think your English is very good!

    ...I am doing very well thank you. I have some time off before school starts again so I am enjoying it while I can. How are you doing? :)
    You got a 9 disc Bowie box set? :eek: I am so jealous!! I listened to him for an hour while at work today. I went to see him in 2004 (I think) and it was one of the best concerts I've EVER been to. If he ever tours again, you HAVE TO go and see him. He's one sexxxxxxy beast. (Obviously, not as sexy as Morrissey, but doin' pretty good for an older guy!!)
    Cute avatar piccie! I loves me some David Bowie :D
    xox hope you're doing well Miry!!! We miss you around here!
    Hello again! I also forgot to tell you that this House marathon is called, "The Seven Deadly Sins Of Dr. House" :o)
    And another Oscar Wilde quote for you!

    Some cause joy wherever they go; others whenever.

    Have a smashing day in Köln!
    Franzanna ~XX~
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