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  • Have you got over your disappointment yet. At least Germany got there, to the tournament and the final..:) South Africa 2008 - Scotland here they come..:)

    How are you?
    oooh, I like your page customization.
    I hope you're resting up, recovering, re-grouping for the next time.
    Ich habe für dir gesucht, aber ich könnte dich nicht sehen. :tears:
    (Es tut mir leid. Meinen deutsch ist schrecklich. :D)
    I didn't know you're going to see Moz tomorrow at Hyde Park. Lucky you!!! Enjoy the concert and have a good time in that great city!! And take some good pics if you can ;) I hopefully will see him in fifteen days in Madrid. I'm really looking forward to it! Good night! Sleep, sleep tonight and may your dreams be realised... :) ;)
    Miry, would you bitte schön give my kind regards to Moz in London :p and fondle him for where he likes it :D:horny:.
    Have a nice time! :) I'm insanely jealous of you :o.
    Greetings from Belgium!!! :sweet:
    Vielen Dank Miry!! :) Thanks for your comments!

    Don't be sad, Germany did a great competition, they eliminated Portugal which was the main favourite team to win it in my opinion. Your country have a fantasic team too, they will do it very well next World Cup and Euro, I’m sure of that!!

    Saludos desde Barcelona ;)
    Ooohh Miry!!! What a pity!! Yesterday I was so upset! I can't believe how bad they played!! And I wanted to see Jogi all happy, jumping and bathed in champagne, hahaha... What a frustration...
    It would have been so great to meet you there in Cologne... I feel so stupid not to have noticed it first... Now who knows if I ever go back there, although I have the hope to be there again next year.
    Hugs and consolation over the EuroCup! I died of sadness yesterday :(
    wow, so many exciting things going on. Lucky you! :D I cant believe you get to see Moz soon! Im loving his setlist. I cant believe he did Ask and What She Said!! Youre going to have the best time ever!!! :D As for me, I am not having nearly as much fun as you will be having. Im stuck in school still so thats not much fun at all lol So have fun for me girl! Say hi to Moz and give him lots of hugs and kisses :)

    I love Moz and J.D together but if you added others that would be really cool too. Maybe you could fit them all in one lol that would be a challenge!

    Talk to you soon! :)
    I'm 99% sure Moz will sing WDYFOFY in Hyde Park...he sang it when he toured the US, so I think you'll get your chance! Definitely one of my favorite songs too! I'm so jealous that you're going to Italy for vacation! I've wanted to go to Rome for the past three years, but haven't been able to make it there yet. Sounds like you're going to have a fun summer!!! :)
    Miryam! Just popped by to say Hello! How are you deary? That magazine - OHH I want it!!! He looks SO delectable. How are things with you? It's very hot here but I am trying to stay cool. Hope you are doing well! Dr. House is on on Sunday! hee hee :o)
    Ich hab eigentlich sogar auch den 11 Uhr Rückflug im Auge. Wobei ich natürlich froh sein kann wenn ich überhaupt noch nen Flug bekomme...konnte ich noch nicht erledigen, weil meine Kreditkarte abgelaufen is und ich auf die neue warte, zum K... Darf ich fragen wann du hinfliegst?
    I'm great thanks just relaxing after finishing my exams and i've also been following EURO 2008, as a neutral however as England or even Ireland were that rubbish they failed to qualify =( I have though been sort of backing Spain, their match against Italy was very entertaing, as the semi with Russia will be. I say good luck to Germany, although Turkey are a good side, Germany are very strong, so I predict a Germany, Spain final myself :) There's nothing like a the atmosphere in the build up to a big match :) and I do hope there is no violence too, it's so needless in the name of football I think.
    I can sympathise with a rainy Colonge as the weather in the North West of England is currently rather dismal for Summer, i've not had the chance to visit Colonge, would you recommend it for a holiday?
    I dont own a bass - but would love to! i've always loved basslines especially funky ones! i will have a go at playing them on my electric guitar every now and again!
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