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  • I hope you do! Ok night night, sweet dreams:).
    Oh your dog Robbie after Robbie Williams becuase your mum likes him..yes i remember.
    byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- i won:)
    still ill i understand..ok..I'm still asleep..almost..with that scary face in front of me..aaahhh...i'm scared..I'm alone at home..all the others are outside..just my doggie..save me..robbie..byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    yeahshe is my friend , we are not far appart at all .. see the new york dolls thread in the other music section , it shows the extent of our friendship , shes a star
    the footballer is bobby moore ... the passolini one is the guy with the hill behind him (which was the ROTT tour back drop )
    passolini on my profile and on my screen its a young bobby moore playing football (the picture morrissey had above his bed in his LA house)
    You wouldn't think it was July! It should be warm and sunny! British summers are always unpredictable anyway.

    At least the sun was shining in Hyde Park last Friday!
    Yeah, I quite like Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs.

    I work in a surf shop, so a Moz-do doesn't really fit the image!

    If I go out now, the rain will ruin my hair!
    It is tough! And taking pictures of yourself is just as tough!

    Pictures are uploading now.......Eeeek! I'm scared!
    You want to see my terrible quiff???

    I am currently applying a full face of make up, as I refuse to be photographed without! I'll see what I can do!
    There's nothing worse than a bad haircut. I have had a lifetime of them..:) Especially when you have to pay for them!

    I am really glad that your team won promotion - i will look out for their results next season as i don't really have a German team. I have heard of Christoph Daum, he's quite a famous person in football. You must have been delighted with your team's success! The National side did very well in the tournament and did really well getting to the final in the best national tournament that i can remember.

    Next time you visit these shores, you should come to Scotland. I will buy haggis for you but i won't tell you what is in it or you probably wont eat it!

    Italy would be an amazing place to visit. everytime i see venice i really want to go.

    Okay miryam. Take care and speak soon.

    Yours, Alasdair...xx
    hi miryam, thanks so much for saying you like my drawings :) that has made me happy, especially after a horrible rainy day here in England. I sell a few on ebay for pennies really. if you have any moz artwork ideas, i would love to here them. take care Sarahx
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