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Jul 21, 2016
Aug 10, 2007
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Oct 26, 1985 (Age: 34)
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Fitnesstrainer // Musician ( BassGuitar )

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MiryamLoopDeLi, Female, 34, from Cologne

I't Starts and ends with you Jul 20, 2016

miryam_moz85 was last seen:
Jul 21, 2016
    1. westendgirl
      wow. My fave is the one you most recently had of all the moz photos. What program do you use to do this?
    2. westendgirl
      hello. you must know I am envious of yur mad skillz. I love your siggy!
    3. SvartaSjael
      Awww....oh Mann, vielen Dank, wie lieb von dir! :)
      Hab nicht gefeiert, hatte trotzdem einen schönen Tag.
      Ich hoff bei dir ist alles okay?
    4. westendgirl
      Hi Miry!

      I'm doing okay. :)
      Your too cute! You don't have anything to be sorry about...I never really told anyone on here...I only casually mentioned it to Mell and she posted it on the Frink thread. :p
      But regardless, thank you!!!
      I will enjoy them! I have a feeling they'll go by fast, so I'm trying to make them go slower! :p LOL Doubt it'll work. I'm trying my best to take every moment to try and enjoy them.
      I hope you enjoy your schooling! Don't let it stress you out! Remember to sleep. :D

      Thank you again Miry.

    5. sweet and tender hooligan
      sweet and tender hooligan
      I know it's unnatural to get up before the sun.

      Ok have a nice time and get some nice shoes:). Nice speaking to you as well.

      Lucy xx
    6. sweet and tender hooligan
      sweet and tender hooligan
      The system is rather confusing even for me:p.
      Ha ha , i hate waking up in the morning and it is still dark outside:(.
    7. Quiffaa
      shoplifters of the world ... viel glück beim schuh-des -vertrauens finden!
    8. miryam_moz85
      oh,ok..then i misunderstood it..sorry *eek*...two weeks..then i have to wake up again..in the dark side od the morning:D
    9. sweet and tender hooligan
      sweet and tender hooligan
      I never got in to uni :( so i am at college trying to get the right grades so i can go to uni next year. I get a break in two weeks- can't wait a full week of waking up after 9:D.
    10. sweet and tender hooligan
      sweet and tender hooligan
      :) good good, i look forward to receiving your letter.
      I know what you mean about education. I Just started college and have lots of homewrok to do and it's rather stressful, i also have to wake up really early in the morning so i am tired all the time:(.
    11. Quiffaa
      1000 dank fürs bildsche!

      > frink crew unite and take over
      Yes, indeeedy

      Tja hier kann ich mich von Frankfurt aus schon als Südländerin fühlen!

      Walkers crisp (nordbayern) & sistersheila (flensburg) sind ja auch von hierzuland (hab ich in Edinburgh kennengelernt)
      Bei ner richtigen morrissey party wär ich auch gerne, das Star & Garter is e bissi weit und teuer, und Berlin / Ackerkeller komm ich auch net so oft hin ...

      Zeit für welteroberung, ich sehs schon ... :-)

      Schönen sonnigen Nachmittag!
    12. Quiffaa
      Hi, Miryam, danke für's inviten! :-) Frinkettes halten zusammen! Als Moz -Fan sind wir eh Raritäten, und deutschsprachige erst recht - aber ganz schön aktiv ! Liebe Grüsse aus dem Süden

      PS. Könntest Du das Bildchen ganz rechts in Deiner Sig (Moz gibt autogramm) nochmal in gross im Frink posten? Das wär klasse!
    13. EPbabe
      Wow, Miry that sounds amazing and it is something really useful for the society too. Congratulations for picking this subject! Yes, I saw the new pic, it's very sweet. I'm not very fond of the flatcap, it may be of service on a bad hair day though. ;)
    14. EPbabe
      Meh, bloody myspace. :( What are you studying? It's so good that you enjoy it, whatever it is. I'm very well, thank you. I haven't seen the entire season of Californication, just a few episodes. It's always on very late. Take care! :)
    15. EPbabe
      Hey Miry, I love Californication too! :) Unfortunately it's not aired anywhere in Hungary right now. How are you, dear? Long time no see. I think I sent you a message on myspace a few weeks ago...
    16. miryam_moz85
      I'm sorry for deleting..i've done the wrong thing!!!:confused:
    17. Pashernate
      Hello, my Miry!!! :sweet:
      I wish you lots of success on your education. What are you studying?
      I start today. Medicine. I am nervous. I hope this won't absorb all my spare frink time. ;)
      Good to hear from you.
      Love you as a sister.
      Quiffless greets,

    18. Kilt Uncle
      Kilt Uncle
      You sound like you're very busy..:) Have you heard of the new website 'FootyTube'? Has all kinds of coverage from across Europe. I didn't work for me, but i am assured this is due to technical reasons..:)

      How are your studies going? Are they driving you mad?..:)

      Rangers have made a decent start to the season, top of the league and we beat Celtic 4-2 at their own ground, so i was really pleased. We've signed a few good players and we're playing a 4-4-2 system, so we're actually entertaining to watch now...Wonders will never cease..lol!

      I hope you are doing well.

      Yours, Alasdair...xxx
    19. Kilt Uncle
      Kilt Uncle
      Hey you..:) Haven't seen you around here for ages. How are things?

      I am just going for dinner, so just seeing how you were and how things are going?

      How is that team of yours getting on? Has the Season started yet?

      Yours, Alasdair.
    20. mell
      I got laid off because my company got purchased by a big pharmaceutical company and they decided to get rid of half of us. :tears: The hot guy is 36, light brown/blondish hair, blue eyes. We met at work and he took a liking to me for some reason! I don't think we're gonna make a good couple so we might have to just be friends. I'll keep you posted. :)
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    Oct 26, 1985 (Age: 34)
    Home Page:
    Fitnesstrainer // Musician ( BassGuitar )


    The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.
    Oscar Wilde