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    First Moz/Smiths Gig?

    Still waiting. Come on Moz, you can't ignore us forever. :(
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    How successful is Morrissey?

    I think Andrew Denton is probably one of the few people who could pull off a successful interview with Morrissey. I have no faith in any other television presenters or journalists, off the top of my head. They played Ask during the interval at Little Britain Live tonight. I was very pleased...
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    How successful is Morrissey?

    I think the major reason is the particularly long flight, and some of us here have also surmised that the small fanbase/cost of touring doesn't justify him coming here very often (or more than twice in 18 years). Personally, as a long-time fan, it is disheartening that we're virtually ignored...
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    How successful is Morrissey?

    The worst of all countries listed - shameful! I'm not at all surprised though. For the most part Morrissey is an unknown in mainstream Australia, thank goodness. This is a double edged sword for two reasons - a) it's nice being able to enjoy him without criticism from anyone, however, b) he...
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    OMG this is terrible

    Put simply, this kind of drivel should not be allowed. Absolutely heinous.
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    Worst Music Video Ever?

    I don't like the YHKM video because it's a little boring (as much as you can see the idea behind, doesn't really hold one's attention very well), but the one and only video I find quite dreadful is Alma Matters, for two reasons - the dreadful green colour scheme, and it reflects a terrible...
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    Peepholism...Excellent condition

    I purchased a softcover for about US$120 several months ago from eBay, and it was well worth the money I paid as it is in brilliant condition. I've seen others go from anywhere between 50 and 75 Pounds Sterling there.
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    He took my letter!!- my first time..amazing.

    Goodness, what brilliant luck duchess of fork! Your post was nothing short of fabulous and I had a smile on my face the whole way through reading it. Whatever happens, at least you know that Moz collected it off the stage and most probably read it! Congratulations to you. :)
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    2002 Oct 17th Adelaide (Australia) The Forum

    Neverending thanks for this one!!!!
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    Last night I had a dream.

    I had a dream several months ago I bumped into Moz on the Titanic. I was my present age, he was 24. He was wearing an orange cardigan from a photo shoot I've seen. We sat on the floor talking for hours, about philosophy I think.
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    Song vs Song Game

    Charming vs HIG
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    the queen is dead overrated?

    No, I don't think it's overrated. I'm inclined to agree with someone before me who said that Strangeways probably would have ended up just as iconic if they hadn't split in 1987. It's just an iconic album, which results in more attention being drawn to it than others, but with good reason for...
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    Famous, well-respected, hall-of-fame-type, legendary artists....... that you HATE!

    Re: the most overrated artists of all time While I'm horrified by the inclusion of Jeff Buckley, all is forgiven by the inclusion of U2. :D
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    How old are you?

    Turned 21 earlier this month, fan since 2002.
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    ‘Pigsty’ has won the downloading vote (please read)

    Just thirding the request for a website for non-UK fans - has anyone found one where people overseas can download the song?
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