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  • I have two standing tickets for Edinburgh if you wanna buy them off me? I got two for Liz as well.

    Hello Mickles
    Went Sainsburys today....bag packers made me chuckle and think of you, funnily enough it was right next to a train station....no piss stained tramps though hahaha xxx
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear Mickles
    Happy birthday to you.

    Have a great day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    "Nor should you! You're always tellin' folk what they should do; you haven't done it yourself!"
    " I've done some things..."
    " You've done nowt and you've been nowt all your life! "

    Hahahaha Ace! I watched it on saturday x
    "What f***ing cookery money? No you can't!"

    Hahahahaha thanks that made chuckle!

    I am well mickles, how are thee? xxx
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