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    Nude Girls + Graffiti + Smiths/Morrissey Lyrics (nsfw for a butt)

    I knew that chick. She raped me with her muscles and flat chest. Skylarker, you would be right to stay away.
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    SBD Recording: Moz's First Gig - Wolverhampton '88

    I am not torrenting this since some of the show has been released officially. There seems to be so many issues with people being unable to deal with modern technology. I am unaware of this show being out there SBD-sourced. If you'd like this show, please shoot me a PM and we'll work it out...
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    TORRENT: The Smiths - Fighting Cocks, Birmingham - 3 June 1983

    Also known as "Reel Around the Fountain." It is up on . For those who don't know how to convert FLAC files on a PC (there appears to be quite a few), go here:
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    Any decent 2007 shows about?

    Dizzy, I think you are acting a bit melodramatic. When I post stuff up on a torrent site, I am not excluding anyone. Anyone who is able to d/l it can do whatever they want with it. I don't care. I don't issue dictates or tell people not to convert to MP3. (After all, I do for my own...
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    Earliest Smiths bootleg?

    According to PJLM, that is the earliest bootleg out there.
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    TORRENT: The Smiths - Camden Electric Ballroom - 21 May 1983

    Hey guys, I just put this up this morning. The Smiths Venue: Camden Electric Ballroom, London Date: 21 May 1983 Title: Swept Mystical Air Lineage: ? > CD-R from trade > .aif > xACT flac conversion (Level 8) 01 You've Got...
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    Any decent 2007 shows about?

    Hey Dizzywhore, the main reason why many people don't like to circualte these shows in MP3 is because MP3's are LOSSY, meaning that there are sound frequenices that are removed from the original LOSSLESS file. Then, when someone really wants the original stuff, it is hard to find anything but...
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    Any decent 2007 shows about?

    Most torrents are posted in FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), but can easily be converted using a number of FREE programs. I have a Mac and perform the following: 1. Decode FLAC using xACT flac converter (this is for Macs) 2. Import into iTunes That's it! So, I have a lossless CD for my...
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    Any decent 2007 shows about?

    Well, just download the full, lossless files and convert them to MP3. Nothing difficult about that. I have seen the 6 May 07 (Seattle, WA) and 14 May 07 (Ann Arbor, MI) shows on some torrent sites.
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    Seattle 5/06/07 Rapidshare

    Wow, I am now learning why Moz himself refers to this site as "So Low." I'm sorry, I didn't intend to scare you. I think it's pretty stupid for you to be scared, considering it isn't a warning at all. The creator and seeder of the above-mentioned torrent has that line in there as a request...
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    Stop Me (Japan Only EP) Scarce and Hard to Find - Free Download Here -

    At least you didn't spend $37 for 'em. Everyone who listens to digital music should download the VLC Player. It is free and can play TONS of file-types, from OGG to FLAC to MPEG, video AND audio files, DVD's, VIDEO_TS folders...and it most definitely plays these files. It can be run on...
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    Morrissey "Im a Poet" Bootleg - Download Here

    OK, the full lossless disc is posted at: MORRISSEY Venue: Boulder, Colorado, USA Date: October 1, 1992 Title: I'm A Poet (FLASHBACK WORLD PRODUCTIONS, 01.93.0199) Lineage: Original Silver CD > .aif > xACT flac conversion (level 8) 01...
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    Morrissey "Im a Poet" Bootleg - Download Here

    I think I have this lossless. If anyone wants I can post it to in that format.
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    Seattle 5/06/07 Rapidshare

    FYI, this is up lossless at It's already been snatched 230+ times, so it is definitely making the rounds! A NorthWestTapers Recording (NWT07.A.08.aud) Recorded by OasisDouglas (MF 3, row P, seat 3) Sonic Studios...
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    REQ: "Introducing Morrisey" VHS to DVD-R transfer?

    I saw clips of this for the first time on YouTube and was blown away. Does anyone have a DVD-transfer of this they can upload somewhere?
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