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  • what's the deal then? I have gived Lucy one of the tickets so she can use the return bit. Still 2 spare for the return journey, shame to waste em.
    i have just realised you have messaged me on your page .... doh

    i might have a deal for you ... dont think jen is going to any of the shows at all as she has exams
    howdo roberto, did you notice the thread about the spare train tickets? Lucy isn't travelling from Edinburgh and neither is Hugh so turns out I got 3 spare, Lucy might want to use the return journey of one of the tickets so that leaves 2 spare if you and your missus can use them? It's first class and free, woohoo.

    Let me know asap if you can. I like to get things organised in advance.

    PS Bad Manners are at Retrofest, so there.
    How big is your house? Can you accomodate 3 wenches (mid 30's, gorgeous, voluptuous & most accomodating after a few blue wickeds). It's only for the weekend, my good man!
    I need more help!!

    Could you possibly give me a link for this Travelodge, there seems to a few of em, and knowing me i would probably book the wrong one :(
    well glasgow green is about 30 seconds from my house , to be honest there is only one hotel really near by which is a travel lodge so obviously not the greatest .

    there are no nice hotels in this area , leave it with me i will have a look for something a little further .

    if its for nipping in and out the travel lodge is closest , otherwise there are serviced appartments nearby on the trongate called the fraser suites

    let me know if you need more help
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